Phrasal verb prepositions: “UP” part 07 – “UP” means “PREPARE”.

In this video, I explain why the preposition “up” can mean “prepare” and give some examples of phrasal verbs that use it in this sense.


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  1. Hooray!I am not afraid of phrasal verbs anymore!!!!💃

  2. We can also interpret "up" to mean "increase the level of something", in this example "the level of loading the car". I saw that explanation before.

  3. Graenn Leaf says:

    Would it be wrong to say "set the pieces" instead of "set up the pieces" in your example with the Chess pieces?
    One definition for to set is to put something in a place or position which seems to apply to this example.

  4. Tree says:

    Great like always.

  5. aq a says:

    Your videos make it easier to grasp the meaning of a lot phrasal verbs by understanding rather than memorising. Thank you!

  6. Wellin says:

    Your videos have helped me a lot, they are really well explained. I was having a hard time with phrasal verbs before I found them.

  7. Konstantin says:

    “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”
    Albert Einstein

  8. Thanks once again! You are a godsend!

  9. Thank you for making English more accessible to non-English speakers like us and to explain these hard-to-grasp concepts in a clear and didactic way, it's very much appreciated.

  10. just human says:

    Please do this with "out"

  11. Sakshi Tyagi says:

    Please sir make the all preposition and modal

  12. Awsome explanation.
    Where do you find these meanings, once you said that it's not found in dictionarys?

  13. halimeh hp says:


  14. Gabriel Simp says:

    I was watching a series, and there was a moment where a guy pointed a knife at another guy's neck and said "if you move, im gonna cut you up". Why is it "cut up" instead of just "cut"? Why wouldnt it be "if you move im gonna cut you", isnt it the same thing?

  15. May I suggest a video summing up all meanings of "up" and one example for each one of them? Thank you!

  16. Apasa vlog says:

    Sir, "wait up"means what will be? in the command sentence

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