Effortless Golf Swing (Best Drill To Turn Your Arms Off)

In this tip I show you the best effortless golf swing drill to turn your arms off. I call it taming the wild stallion. For most golfers, not hitting with the arms is tough but this is one of the main keys to learn and effortless golf swing. Here’s the best drill to turn your arms off and stop hitting the ball hard with just your arms.

Since 1991, I have taught a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing to golfers of all ages and abilities. So why learn and effortless golf swing? This type of swing is a swing for life. In order to learn it you need to do something different that what you have done in the past. I have found that this is the best effortless golf swing drill that will allow you to turn your arms off. This is step one. Once you stop hitting hard with your arms you can then start adding body rotation to generate the power. In other words this drill allows you to switch the power source from arms to legs and hips.

Most golfers hit the ball solely with their arms. The problem is you will never hit your best shots plus as you get older you will get weaker which means you will only ever lose power. For the sake of doing what I call the best effortless golf swing drill you can make the switch to a body swing quickly and have it for life.

Free samples from my Body Swing book and video series here: https://paulwilsongolf.com/freesamples/

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29 Replies to “Effortless Golf Swing (Best Drill To Turn Your Arms Off)”

  1. Really wish I were a wild stallion. I could do it on the first swing unfortunately.

  2. Bang on…I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT..did what you said with the zero tension plan…usually play bogy golf…just put up 7 pars and one birdie for an 83…luv it!

  3. Paul, so many of us are guilty of using our arms for power. Thanks for updating this important drill. When you fire your legs and hips in the downswing, do you have a lateral shift toward the target, or just rotate fast & thru without the lateral shift?

  4. SlickFixJeff says:

    I just turned 50 and I keep getting the worst golfers elbow!! Is this because i use my arms too much? Its kind of a scary thought to loosen up when addressing the ball, but when i keep my wrists loose, i always hit a clean shot, and my brain is constantly telling me that wont work! I really have to take this to the range and force myself to do this!! Thanks!

  5. Yes I am a Stallion.
    I have been applying your program Paul.
    It Works Everything is Coming Together.
    I’ve lost many of my bad habits on the course.
    I am playing much better Thanks Again Mr. Wilson.
    I have trust issues.
    The one with my putter will take a minute…
    And my driver is Stuck in The bag.
    I’m killing three wood on a dime.

  6. This is awesome Paul. When I'm on the range, regardless of the club I'm practicing with, I use it to hit to the 100/120 yardage markers, be it wedge, 5 iron, or 5 wood. Obviously I have to tone down the swing speed, but I personally find it a great drill to get timing and rhythm. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Paul, I discovered golf instructional videos on YouTube a few years ago. I've watched a dozen different channels over time and I have to say yours is my favorite. None of the other channels emphasize the body concept over arms. Keep up the great work.

  8. Russ says:

    I want to do it, I really want to, but it's hard….. so hard to suppress the "Stallion"! I'll keep at it, it seems to be working for some. Thanks Paul!

  9. Good drill, when I get this happening in my swing I hit it a mile

  10. Glenn Wisse says:

    Looks like a great drill. Gonna try this today.

  11. Dennis Evans says:

    Hi Paul. I have been working tirelessly for two weeks to convert my arm. Swing to a body swing. I have finally got the idea. I laughed out loud today when I couldn’t find several drives that I hit straight down the fairway. I finally discovered them about 30 to 40 yards further than I was used to looking for them. At age 73, I would hit my drives about 240 yards. Today they were approaching 280 yards. Long live the wrist snap. I will love you forever!

  12. D J says:

    This is key – Paul my best year of golf was a loose effortless swing the first time you put this out. Then I lost it, went back to whacking probably from too many best ball outings. Thanks.

  13. I love to add this in all golf content because it seems to make the biggest impact comment wise.

    Play your local course from the women tees. Use just a 5 iron and a putter. See what you can do for score in a week.

    If that doesn't improve your game, start from scratch because you're doing something extremely inconsistent.

  14. … excellent lesson to build Consistency, Confidence and Distance. Thank you ☑️ John Williams @JWfit 🇬🇧

  15. Great 👍 idea I am going use it and see how it works. Great 👍 👌 content love it

  16. Mark Poppe says:

    Great to see you going through your fundamentals again for slow leaners like me. I detected a tone of exasperation in this video😊
    Reminds me of SpongeBob SquarePants and we're all a bunch of Patricks!

  17. So what you are saying Paul is to begin with, as a drill, we hit with less hit, like a driver 140 yards, and to achieve hitting it less, happens or is happening, because we are actually not hitting with our arms anymore. Is that what you are saying?

  18. Dave Wolf says:

    This is the key to the golf swing that nobody tells you about. I'm still working on it but I finally figured out the feeling after using my arms for 20 years.

  19. William says:

    okay, okay, okay… I'll give it a try. I was hitting my driver today, swinging easy and getting about 92-95 mph club head speed. I later tried to swing harder and reached 97-98 mph, but I felt I was putting in 30% more effort for an additional 3-5 mph. I was very frustrated, I'm tired of hitting my driver 230-240 and I want some speed. I've heard you teach this before but I never really tried it, but I'll give it a shot over the next month.

  20. Hey Paul,
    Love this drill.. will give it a try and looking forward to the challenge! Hope to master the 7 iron to 100 yards and driver to 140 yards and increase with the body swing from there.

    BTW, I came across these broom drill videos that reminded me of the body swing. Interested in your point of view. Almost reminds me of your metal block thought on a driver swing you posted.



  21. MStar10 says:

    But doesnt that drill create a feeling of decelerating at impact which you would not want? How else do you hit a full swing to go 50% less distance? What am I missing…thanks

  22. I am trying this tomorrow morning before work!

  23. Rudy Zooti says:

    Need some tips on getting out of deep rough with the irons, hard not to try and rip it…

  24. 9:40 – This was the drill that got me the break-through. Just pause the video and press the period key to go frame by frame. If you watch closely, Paul lays the shaft of the club on his neck muscle, keeps his hands as far away from his neck as he can without losing a good grip. Don't worry about the lead arm being bent a little, it's just a drill to get snappy wrists. He starts the swing with his lower body and the shaft stays on his neck and shoulder for a long time while he rotates the lower body. The two very important things to notice is; 1. His trail arm stays at his side for the entire downswing. It's not out in front of him, nor is it too far behind him. This very important. 2. Look how extreme the wrist compression is (wrist cock). This is at 9:45, and the video must be in frame by frame mode to see this. His hips and body are pointing towards the sand bunker to the right out in front of him, but look at the driver head. It's pointing BACK at the camera, almost straight up the target line. From there he just keeps rotating and SNAP the wrist joints will release. If you don't feel a snap in your wrist joints, you are still too tense. I first loosened by grip and wrists and got the SNAP. Then I slowly tightened my grip and kept feeling for the snap, and it worked. The club will feel real heavy in the wrists and hands when you do it right. From that point on, you'll never ever swing the same again. It's almost like you're cheating, it's that good.

  25. H says:

    Hey Paul, I can draw my irons now but still slicing my driver. Do I need to stay behind it a bit longer? When I try to roll the wrists over, i hit these low pull draws but it's not really what I want to see because it's hard to replicate on the golf course over 18 holes.

  26. Taming the wild stallion — Love it! I mentioned Bobby Jones and you my friend in my latest video. A huge break-through for me using your "Wrist Compression" — https://youtu.be/RSkYL_QQxXg

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