The LAST Grip Guide You'll Ever Need || 5 Simple Tips

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In this video, Adam and Todd go over why this will be the last grip guide you’ll ever need. With these 5 simple tips you will be able to build your grip without any thought. They also go over how the grip can affect the outcome of your swing. For example, having too strong of a grip will cause the golfer to have an inside takeaway.

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00:00 Introduction
00:15 Wrong Grip
01:21 Natural Grip
03:20 Trail Hand Grip
05:29 Lead Thumb
05:53 Grip to Shoulder
07:16 Club to Shaft
09:09 Clubface Awareness
13:08 Masterclass


29 Replies to “The LAST Grip Guide You'll Ever Need || 5 Simple Tips”

  1. This channel has drastically improved my game over the last year, so I'm stoked to finally meet "my mentor Todd Stones (or as I'll say now, MY Mentor's Mentor)." This channel is the best and can't wait to see more content with Todd.

  2. Mitch M says:

    Good information here, I think the grip is something that is natural to each person and I have bought into this for about two years now. I am one of the outliers where my palms face behind me when standing at address. I tried to have a 2 knuckle grip for years because I thought this was what must do to be a good golfer and did nothing but hit wicked slices. I have switched to a 2.5-3 knuckle grip and I am playing my best golf ever. Grip is so personal and there’s so many ways to get it done.

  3. I have now watched this video 3 times. Every time I view it, I learn something new, and reconfirms my understanding of what I have already learned. Thank you for always producing a quality product.

  4. I tried this tip and draw my iron for the 1st time been playing for 2 years playing I have so much better contact with the ball simply amazing golden video !

  5. I have 3 shoulder surgeries and this is the first real grip information I have ever received. I have always struggled with a little bit of a one and a half knuckle. I always have a tendency to hold it in my fingers , the starting at your side like a hammer is awesome. Thanks for this video you guys , it shows how much you two care about the game and the people whom attempt to master it.

  6. StuBoy says:

    David Edel of Edel putters, does exactly this with fitting people into their hand grip on putters and the stroke and rubber grip size. It makes sense now you talk about going with your natural bio mechanics. Awesome video.

  7. gbaum26 says:

    I have been trying Adam Scott routine

  8. This is golden grip info. I’ve been having some lead hand grip issues lately and that move to grip the club with the hand behind the grip joint is gonna be the big key for me. Definitely rewatching this again later.

  9. Ryan Dailey says:

    My arms naturally hang slightly in not quite Duvall but I'm definitely 3 knuckles showing. Makes sense why a stronger grip feels comfortable. Great video

  10. SD Golf Guy says:

    Adam just makes everything easier. His lessons easily transfer to the course.

  11. Digi says:

    How would this gripping steps translate into a Driver? As the ball is much more near the lead foot, the clubface would be shut when aligned. What is the best course of actions to correct this?

  12. nikekido23 says:

    This is gold. The amount of amazing free content produced is insane. Is that alignment video going to be posted?

  13. Moon Face says:

    The simplest and greatest way to set the grip , I have been struggling for nearly two years with my grip , despite watching countless tutorials, now I do this and my worries / paranoia about my grip have gone

  14. Cannot wait untill the next vid!

  15. Compelling watching.

  16. Thank you. Lord knows I needed this.

  17. ADL9 says:

    Another great one

  18. JDCPA80 says:

    Does it appear that the “normal “ playback speed is actually 1.25? Or they’ve had 1,000mgs of caffeine?

  19. Brad Wooten says:

    Where’s the alignment video? That’s where I struggle. Did I miss this somewhere? Thanks, love your videos so easy to follow without the technical jargon

  20. Honestly the best swing coach online by far I have gotten so much better by watching @Porzakgolf can’t say it enough watch these videos if you want to get better at golf!

  21. I didn’t realize I was a outlier!!! Thanks you so much for this video. I’ve bee fighting my release for. Now I know why.

  22. COB MAC says:

    Went from 104 to 94 to 82 this season after watching your videos. Love this channel. You deserve millions of subs, I'll keep saying it.

  23. Bang Bang says:

    This was one of your best videos, fundamentals are great

  24. Chris B says:

    I can see the respect you have for each other and how you build off of each other.
    Adam, you are the only instructor I follow now. I have watched all your videos multiple times.
    They just make sense!!
    Thank you for what you do.

  25. Skye PRF says:

    What a I love … we have the why, the how… and not 75% on what I am not concerned about! Great work… only sad that it is so far away from where I live 😜

  26. richzuck says:

    This is AWESOME!!! I hope you're not gonna make me wait until Friday to see the next segment.

  27. Marko Bolo says:

    Do you typically advocate a long or short thumb for your lead hand grip? This part confuses me the most – or does it even matter? Lol

  28. Claymould says:

    Well done great explanation 👍🏌️⛳️

  29. Now i know why i feel comfortable with a strong grip, and the explanation of the right hand, the heel pad position and pressure, now that feels different. Can't wait to try it and have a practice session tomorrow morning.

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