Eliminate Early Extension FOREVER!!

20 Replies to “Eliminate Early Extension FOREVER!!”

  1. ssbsnb1 says:

    Duuuude, after so many videos this finally made it make sense. I have tried this drill but was still early extending because both sides would just end up trading positions. Keeping the right hip in place is key

  2. jay johnson says:

    Great illustration coach😊

  3. Garrett says:

    I tried this drill and it works wonders. Should I try to feel like my butt is pushing back on the down swing? In reality it doesn’t push back much but it feels like it does

  4. oddie says:

    The 7ft kid it's turning his but more then actually doing what you did lol but good tip

  5. Pedro says:

    Amazing, struggling all my life with early extension and my hip on the way

  6. Drew Aquino says:

    You're either good or you suck. . Stop

  7. huddy bozak says:

    That's secondary to the right wrist (Spiderman web sling) hingr

  8. Great tip.. I wonder if my golf pal would hold his butt against mine as I address the ball

  9. Who is this gentleman. This makes a lot of since.

  10. Paul McG says:

    Love this, great tip.

  11. It has to get closer, both you and your student do, but it’s when. If you never let it go you’ll hit snap hooks and slices all day. Smoothing the fuck out of it

  12. Tommy Tucker says:

    What a gimmic this is I'd say you're church is looking for that easel back before Sunday

  13. jlgvw says:

    He wants his butt to open up as deep as possible at point of impact. HAHAHAHAH!

  14. KRX Talent says:

    Brilliant- see you on tour

  15. John Roy says:

    If this was explained to me when I first started playing the game, it would have saved me 30 years of frustration! Excellent explanation!

  16. David Boyd says:

    I started watching your videos about four months ago and doing the drills you demonstrate. I am 68 and I am playing better than ever. I have gained distance and accuracy in my irons and woods. My friends see the difference.
    Thanks so much for what you do!!

  17. hakirk1 says:

    Adam you and your videos are making this older golfer a better older golfer.

  18. CHRIS FLORI says:

    Thank you this was very helpful!

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