I FINALLY Got New Golf Clubs! | Match #5 Alabama Series

I decided it was time to get fit and choose my new golf clubs! I am still deciding what the final bag will look like and when I do I will upload a new 2022 what’s in the bag. This video is match #5 from the Alabama Series Vs Harris. We will be playing the front 9 on Dogwood at Lakewood Golf Club in Point Clear, Alabama. Hope y’all are having a great week and enjoy the vid!!



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48 Replies to “I FINALLY Got New Golf Clubs! | Match #5 Alabama Series”

  1. Whar program was Harris using on his phone?

  2. Aaron Bane says:

    This is epic! I work on the Dogwood course!

  3. What was the course app used on hole 9?

  4. Matt Barker says:

    “202yrds” that’s a 7iron….😳

  5. ELi Hilliard says:

    Updated what’s in the bag

  6. For the Robert Trent jones trail of courses you should play Cider Ridge it’s not a premiere course but a lot of slopes makes it very interesting.

  7. hjmw says:

    An early trundle usage on the first hole.

  8. Norse Cali says:

    All I care about is Zac with the DeNiro Casino prescription sunglasses.

  9. Rawsick says:

    Finally? Bro you go through clubs more than any of us

  10. Dave Blaster says:

    Great match fellas! 🤘

  11. Chris Spivey says:

    Great video, but why didn't you mention that on the par 3 that you had a double and Harris had a bogey, Ann Lanier just in front of you had a HOLE IN ONE!!!

  12. BIG BOY says:

    I like Harris’s posture at the end of the swing all the way open and pointed at the target with the arched back and always balanced, I’m currently working on getting my body in that position post swing he’ has a great swing, also you’re a beast Zac keep it up

  13. Chris Knill says:

    Congrats on the 100K Zac!!

  14. We are all just going to ignore the fact that Zac hit that 4 iron 254yards on hole 2 !?

  15. Tom Hansen says:

    Zac 🔥 especially the short game is impressive

  16. You guys should play the muni course in Roebuck, its a very good muni course!

  17. Hi Good Job on reaching over 100K subs keep going.

  18. Putter🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⛳👊🏻

  19. Great video Zac! What ADIDAS shoes are those? Love the red white and blue.

  20. Once you get a new set you love the confidence go's up

  21. G P says:

    Got to love The Grint! Great app!

  22. bogeygolfer says:

    that’s a really tough pair of sunglasses

  23. Updated what’s in the bag?

  24. I have the 620mb’s as well and they’re the best irons I’ve ever had. Did you keep them in the traditional lofts?

  25. Yes sirreee bob … new sticks at last … let’s go!

  26. I’ve literally never seen a shot tracer stay in its own line (straight) ever. (1st tee shot, hole 1) Super cool!

  27. 12k views and only 600 likes? C’mon guys, it’s easy to hit the thumbs up and it’s free!

  28. Steven says:

    Zac did you go through a swing change

  29. Brian Murray says:

    Unfortunately for Harris Scott has created a monster 😂

  30. Zac hits his worst 4 iron ever as far as mine when I pure it lol

  31. Jacob Ewing says:

    The flagpole toss at 10:30 was a very relatable moment lol

  32. Great content as always. Harris is solid and being from Down Under this is the first channel I go to in the hope of new content. Thanks Zac 👍🏻

  33. David Parra says:

    That was a REALLY good match. Superb golf played on your part Zac and props to Harris on halving the match, kept me at the edge of my seat.

  34. Jawad Malik says:

    Howdy – I enjoy your videos. Keep em coming. My favorite ones were Wolf Creek. Do you use a SeeMore? Which model? I am getting an M7X and curious what you’ve got.

  35. todd monroe says:

    Scotts rolling putts so well.

  36. Liam Dawson says:

    Absolutely favourite YouTube golfer! Gday all the way from Australia mate.

  37. David Bryan says:

    Like it when you post competition golf. Two 2 putts for nine holes I believe,…..nice!

  38. Craig Gray says:

    Another quality video Zac! Enjoyed it. Let’s hit that like button people and subscribe!

  39. Another great match from my home state! Harris seems like a great guy and he can play! Would love to see y'all play RTJ in Greenville one day…best course imo.

  40. Marshal Kass says:

    Love to see the new sticks Zac. Playing so well, can’t believe the eagle and chip in same video. Let’s Go!!!

  41. Great round buddy, new clubs looking sexy

  42. mike9657 says:

    Awesome match.Well presented as usual Zac!

  43. Jeff Dillon says:

    Best of the luck with the new sticks Zac!!

  44. Brent D says:

    Wow didn't expect that ending!!! Amazing golf guys. I wish I could play like you guys

  45. Great vlog as usual. Question where can I find the hat that Harris was wearing in this video??

  46. Chad Harman says:

    Awesome content, some sweet touches around the green, well played guys 👍👍

  47. Revilo says:

    Some standard of golf I could only dream of 👏🏼

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