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Full transcript:
Evangeline: Hi, it’s Evangeline from And today we are looking at the Inno Tire Hold 2 Bike Platform-Style Rack here on our 2018 Ford Edge. This is a great bike rack if you’re looking for something that’s quick and easy to mount and dismount your bikes. It comes with tire mounts, so you don’t have to worry about warping the frame of your carbon fiber frame bikes. Or if you have alternate frame brakes, like step-through bikes, you’re good to go.So one of those features this has is that it tilts away. To do so, you pull this lever and you just let it drop.

And from here, you can then lift your rear door. You can see here how there’s plenty of space between your door and your bikes. Perfect to put groceries away or to grab bike equipment without having to worry about taking off your bikes or taking off your bike rack.The way our bike is mounted to this bike rack here are by these one, two wheel mounts. And to dismount your bike, it’s super easy. You just press this button and push that wheel mount away.

So press button and push. And from here, you can just lift your bike up and over, and you are ready to go on a bike ride.I really like that feature just because I don’t have to lift my bike over a center mast in this configuration. One thing to note, when you are mounting your bike is to get the front wheel, get this as close to the end of the front wheel as possible for the most security.So from here, you can see how the trays work. This is nice because you can move your bike forward and backward, if you have two bikes, for the best fit between the two. These can accommodate tire widths of up to three inches.

This also has a weight capacity of 120 pounds, so that’s like 60 pounds per bike. Awesome for your electric bikes.Now, some length is added to the back of the vehicle with a bike rack. Exactly how much, let’s see. From our back bumper on our Ford Edge to the end of these handles, it is 29-and-a-half inches. So that’s about your normal amount of length for a two-bike platform style rack.As for ground clearance, from the end of our handle again to the ground, it’s 17 inches.

And that’s a good amount of ground clearance, especially because this has a shank rise to lift up the platform.Now, to fold it away. To do so, you just pull this lever again, and it folds up against your vehicle like that. So for closest point between the bike rack and the vehicle, it’s by the bumper and the end of the wheel mounts. So exactly how much is bumper to wheel mount is around two-and-a-half inches.Now, for overall length of our bike rack, it is, to our lock and anti-rattle mechanism there, it’s 10-and-a-half inches. So that’s a big difference compared to when it was folded down. You definitely want it in this position when you are driving around town.Now, for the way it’s mounted to our car here, this fits into inch-and-a-quarter and two-inch hitch receivers. We have it in a two-inch hitch receiver right now. You just put it in, and you use this nice little spring for your hitch pin hole. And from there, you then turn this anti-rattle mechanism. So this can be locked. And as you turn this in the unlocked position, I recommend shaking your bike rack a little bit, just to get that play out of the way as you shake it.So with this engaged and tightened down, even when you shake the bike rack as hard as you can, it takes out that sway from your bike rack, which is great, especially when you are on the road.Now, another thing while we are down here is to note how the mast comes close to our vehicle here. So if you have a Ford Edge, you might be concerned about that. But this is fine because we have about an inch-and-a-quarter clearance between our mast and our back bumper. So it’s a confirmed fit for your vehicle.My final thoughts about this bike rack is I do love its features, especially how easy it is to mount and dismount the bike rack. These two wheel mounts are great. They are very similar to the Thule Helium Platform-Style Rack, but this has a greater weight capacity, which is why I’m a fan of this version. The Helium is a little bit later though. So it depends on what you are looking for.As for our Ford Edge though, this tilts away far enough that you can access the rear door, which is my favorite part about it. So that was a look at the Inno Tire Hold 2 Bike Platform-Style Rack here on our 2018 Ford Edge.


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