Southern Valley Golf Club! How good is it?

Golf Dream Vs Reality review Southern Valley Golf Club in Gravesend in Kent

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Hi! We’re Danny & Matt a pair of Amateur (Some would say Bad) Golfers. We have always had a great laugh when we play Golf, so we started our YouTube channel to share these great times with you and to show you the ‘Dream vs Reality’!

We know we are not quite Golf Professionals, in fact we are far from it. However there are a massive amount of Golfers that are in the same boat as us. Just because you Slice your drives, struggle with your Short game or can’t stop 3 Putting doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy Golf. Our main focus is to show you that there is a big community of Golfers just like us who all love the game and can enjoy it.

We like to travel around various Golf Courses trying them out for you whilst filming the experience for you. We play Local Golf Courses all the way up to European Tour venues and Golf Courses ranked in the Top 100 in the world. By playing easier Golf Courses along with some with High slope ratings that even the Professional Golfers on Tour struggle with, we show you how the Average Golfer tackles these challenges. Along our journey we are improving our Golf game and Lowering our Handicaps. We have gone from very High Handicaps to managing to achieve some of Golf greats challenges such as Breaking 100 , Breaking 90 and are on the road to Breaking 80.

We also like to do some videos on Golf testing and tips. We want to show you that even as an average Golfer, you can Fix your slice, Fix your hook and Hit Longer and Straighter drives and shots. We also like to put the Golf pro’s Tips to the test on Bunker shots, Golf chipping, How to hit longer distance irons, How to strike your irons, How to Draw or Fade your golf shot and How to perfect your Short game so you can get it closer to the hole. We then also like to test out and share tips on how to improve your Putting accuracy and how to Putt better.

We like to keep our content fun, informative and inclusive to everybody. We love to do challenges like One Club Challenges, Match play and even trying to hit Island Greens. We hope you enjoy the content we provide to you and if you would like to be part of our community make sure you hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so you don’t miss out.

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8 Replies to “Southern Valley Golf Club! How good is it?”

  1. Mocha says:

    Really is a shame that it’s closing at the end of the month

  2. The Course is closing on the 31st August as the Holding company have accepted an offer for the land. Shame as it's an affordable place to go and play and now its probably going to be houses in the future.

  3. Nigel Wadey says:

    Hi guys
    I loved yr review
    thanks very much
    what made me laugh was yr comments re the greenkeepers
    we try and have a laugh but I'm sorry if it put you off
    yes if you see the photos of the 3rd green when it was damaged, I think yr comments would have been a bit more angry
    Look forward to seeing you again maybe we could have a chat????

    thanks once again for yr review

    Stay safe Cheers Nigel 🍻

  4. Nice video. You should try Belhus Park in Aveley. If you go at twilight time it only costs £9. Not a bad budget course.

  5. Mark Teasel says:

    You should have a look at Branston golf and country club , cracking 18hole par 72 championship course, only 3 holes DON'T have a water hazard of some kind…..bring your wellies and a ball retriever 👍

  6. Scott Hughes says:

    Great video
    Course looked good.
    Bit far for me to get to BUT you never know

  7. Andy Fleming says:

    Glad you enjoyed it lads, I think you were a little unlucky with how busy it was. This was one of my favourite of the videos you’ve done, you really made me laugh. Thanks for the mention, but hope you’ve learnt your lesson……….. always listen to Andy 😂😂

  8. Mark Tierney says:

    You tried cobtree yet?

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