EURO OPEN WINNER joins BigBarri on the TOUGHEST COURSE on Tour | DLO Practice Round B9 | Jomez

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Tournament: 2023 Ledgestone Open
Course: Morton, IL | Northwood Park – Black
Guest: Corey Ellis
Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling & Paul “Uli” Ulibarri

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32 Replies to “EURO OPEN WINNER joins BigBarri on the TOUGHEST COURSE on Tour | DLO Practice Round B9 | Jomez”

  1. Have you thought about changing the name to "Ulibarri leadership institute" ? That would make the acronym U.L.I. 🙂

  2. Sivan Jacoby says:

    12 13 14 here is disc golfs murderers row

  3. Raleigh Rich says:

    @ 49:50. Love how Jeremy dissed Brad & Jeremy's wife had the WOW emoj on her face walking by the camera. That was golden!

  4. Cory Ellis not knowing the tree leaning rule is unreal

  5. Officially requesting a segment called 'Jerm's Snack Break' on during each practice round.

  6. Smooth operator BigJerm

  7. Will Plein says:

    chit chat is awesome with disc selections.

  8. TheGeigs1 says:

    free guac at chipotle 30:42

  9. Isaac Spicer says:

    I wonder if anyone has ever played this course without hitting at least like 3 trees

  10. Eric Calhoun says:

    Can't wait for Worlds at New London Tech next year, I wonder if that will be the new hardest course on tour or not. New London is longer with tighter woods but doesn't have the low ceiling challenges, gonna be interesting!

  11. Beau Hanson says:

    Why is Jerm being like this

  12. 48:11 The amount of unphased that Jules is when Jerm falls :'D this is clearly a regular occurrence for the big man

  13. Maby its time to let Uli go. And start a new generation take over. New players new angles to game. And let Uli go.

  14. Iwasrunnin says:

    Cool to hear Chattanooga local joey lutz get some credit for his ungodly forehand shot shaping 🤙🏼

  15. Jordan Evans says:

    The Viking is a good disc Jerm. Just waded in a pond for an hour the other day for my PFN one.

  16. Dear Mr Paul Ulibari, i know you have a sidearm that beats most player on our little planet. But i dubt you will beat Mr FedEx Isac Robinson in a gap hitting contest.
    Anyhow, love your work and content 🙂

  17. Jeff Warren says:

    Embarrassing from Jerm.. not the play but how he handled himself after a bad break or two. It's a practice round dude… no re-putts don't care how many you sink

  18. Don’t forget get about Alabama and Big Toe. Veteran disc golfers outta California

  19. Seems like Jerm has had some tail wind this season at times, playing real good. Hope this holds up and he gets a good placement in the tournament <3

  20. Jerm : What happens when you straddle? Uli : I miss 🤣 Great coverage! Need more Corey Ellis

  21. Big Jerm on fire! You are always playing good in my eyes, but this round you are playing just great! Keep it up, and the wins will come! 😀

  22. If Jerm starts repping the Viking he gains 10 cool points.

  23. gromba says:

    Nobody moves a disc on the forehand like Jerm, jeez.

  24. I wish they’d be nicer to Uli’s dad.

  25. Hole 15 got a little greasy

  26. Cryztal Hades 400’ straight ball @ ULI

  27. Bro went from round of his life up until his 3rd shot on hole 12, then asked for a refund 😅😅😅

  28. Corey Ellis is a solid and authentic dude. Glad to get to know him a bit more.

  29. Carl Wells says:

    You guys need to have Shwebby on every practice round! I think you all had way more fun then usual!

  30. Wesley Smith says:

    We need a microphone on Schwebby!!

  31. Can we bring back Ulibarri’s wildlife/nature moments. I appreciate Earth so much more!

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