BREAKING: Breece Hall ran 23 MPH today at practice?

BREAKING: Breece Hall ran 23 MPH today at practice?

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10 Replies to “BREAKING: Breece Hall ran 23 MPH today at practice?”

  1. AC says:

    Straight line speed means nothing Smitty, its the zig zagging that puts the most stress on the ACL, he has to prove he can cut but 23 MPH is fast

  2. mgtow Legion says:

    23 mph with pads?

  3. Eric says:

    So pollard or hall at the 2-3 turn?

  4. Have Hall and Wilson as keepers and will be taking Gibbs second in the draft. I'm pumped.

  5. Right when I heard PUP I thought they just want to have an extra undrafted rookie to look at in the pre season

  6. Doug Henry says:

    Would you trade Jameson Williams in dynasty for Kincaid?

  7. Eddie H. says:

    Hope his ADP dtops!

  8. Michael King says:

    How’s he cutting thou? How’s he doing with stop n go! Different in game time scenarios or full contact

  9. So pumped about the new 8pm start time

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