Every pre-shot routine in golf #shorts

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25 Replies to “Every pre-shot routine in golf #shorts”

  1. DJ Pache says:

    That 360 was so clean😂

  2. Im between the wagger and the quick.. no practice swings, set my stance, free the mind, feel the wrists, swing true.

  3. Hunter Watts says:

    Matt is to funny 😂😂😂😂

  4. dan wood says:

    We all know one.

  5. That spin was beyond smooth 😂

  6. Vin Paul says:

    This is amazing, this is the exact group I play with every week. Lol

  7. konman181 says:

    The spin move 😂

  8. GMONEY says:

    Bro Sharff is legit funny as hell. That 360 spin was pure gold!!!!!

  9. DJ Burlage says:

    I can’t stand the nothing is quite right person lmao

  10. kvn08cosmo says:

    Other than the quick one, I do ALL of that.

  11. Not_Glad says:

    I'm the first guy because my playing partner is the second guy. I played my shot and walked 160 yards to my ball before he'd finished teeing up and taken his shot.

  12. ACB says:

    Have you guys been watching my foursome ?! 😂😂

  13. Dy Co 3 says:

    You gotta add what I call the" flute player " my buddy will adjust his grip for 30s before every hit

  14. Colin Blue says:

    I cant stand the waggler idk what it is

  15. J S says:

    I’m the quick one. Have to make up for all the time looking for balls

  16. Not gunna lie I've been all three

  17. Chicken_Wang says:


  18. 810golf says:

    Lol the waggler is garret from gg for sure hes always using his driver like a katana

  19. I’m the nothings right guy. My friends all yell at me to hit faster

  20. B Gorski says:

    Are those Jordan 12s actually golf shoes? I know they’ve made some Jordan’s into golf shoes but I’ve never seen those.

  21. “I didn’t realize you were hitting”

  22. Haunnter says:

    Not gonna lie.. Matts 360 was CLEAN lmao

  23. Sergeant5e says:

    The quick one. That's me. Cut the BS. Address the ball and swing.

  24. K Chill says:

    Some rounds with some players ,,,,,, great anger management training,,,,,,

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