MLM2PRO vs. R10 vs. SC4: Which is the BEST Budget Golf Simulator?

Not sure which simulator or launch monitor is right for you? Take our 30 second quiz and I’ll give you my best recommendation based on your needs:

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Review:
Garmin Approach R10 Review:
Swing Caddie SC4 Review:

Buy the Rapsodo MLM2PRO:
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00:00.     Launch monitors got you confused? Let me help.
00:54.     Your best launch monitor pick in 20 seconds!
01:18.     All these products are good. Oh, and all these products are bad.
02:36.     Swing Caddie SC4. The least expensive of the bunch.
02:53.      A built-in display plus a remote.
03:43.      How’s the accuracy?
04:41.      It’s a great unit, But….
05:44.      Garmin Approach R10. Dated or still relevant?
07:24.      Already in the Garmin ecosystem? Then it might be for you.
07:52.      Planning on using the app? Consider this.
08:28.      Rapsodo MLM2PRO. Most full featured, most accurate and most expensive.
09:06.      How’s the app stack up?
10:48.     BUT… 
11:38.      Summary.
13:28.      Close.

This year the budget golf simulator world has totally changed. There are three golf launch monitors under $1,000 that can all act as simulators, and are all accurate enough to be useful tools. They are the Rapsodo MLM2PRO, the Garmin Approach R10, and the Swing Caddie SC4.

None of them are perfect, and they’re all surprisingly different from one another. But the real question is which of these budget golf simulators is right for YOU? Watch this video where I pit the MLM2PRO vs the R10 vs the SC4 to help you decide which is the right fit.


11 Replies to “MLM2PRO vs. R10 vs. SC4: Which is the BEST Budget Golf Simulator?”

  1. Bogerton 56 says:

    I think the SC300i is the best Budget launch monitor IMO.

  2. Great video how is customer support between these simulators

  3. Everardo says:

    Why not consider the Mevo with these?

  4. @Breakingeighty Have you ever tested the R10 with the Titleist RCT golf balls? I know my spin numbers changed a good bit once I got some, but I'd love to see someone compare the actual spin measured between the R10 and your Bushnell.

  5. Tony Abbott says:

    Solid comparison Sean. There really is no one “best” device and this is a helpful summary of strengths and weaknesses. Thanks.

  6. mako1134 says:

    When are you testing sky track plus

    That’s the only one I’m waiting for

  7. Mr_Jamie_Ky says:

    Plus handicap golfer here , I have the R10 paired with my iPad , it’s a great practice tool. You missed out as well the ProV1 RCT balls with the R10 which really dials in the spin numbers, I use on a range and in a net outside, having used a Trackman the R10 is plenty good. Numbers are not perfect but it’s really close and a no brainier for the money vs 10x or more for a Quad or Trackman. Pair it with Awesome Golf App (much better than Garmin App) and it’s great really handy when you are just hitting in to a net and want some feedback.

  8. I am waiting for your review of the Skytrak +. Hopefully you get your hands on one soon.

  9. Jon Utter says:

    Where is the coupon code for the SC4?

  10. DrewK says:

    Love it, thanks for putting this out there. Really makes me want to buy the R10

  11. John P. says:

    Subscriptions are a deal breaker to me and probably should be to everyone IMO. Subs charge you money in perpetuity for something that the companies offering them have already developed and are not cost centers for them; in other words, they are A) Residual income/profit centers, and B) a massive re-distribution of wealth from the middle and lower class to the rich.

    If you want to preserve your wealth, take that $200/ year and put it towards an agressive stock mutual fund that you contribute to every paycheck. In 2 decades you will be retired and laughing your ass off at the Rapsodo/Garmin/SC companies from a golf course in Scotland as you're enjoying the rest of your life of leisure.

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