Every Shot You NEED to BREAK: 100, 90, 80, 72

Today I get a golf lesson from my expert golf coach where he goes over the fundamental golf shots you need to know to break 100, to break 90, to break 80, and eventually to break par. This is a must watch if you want to know essential golf tips and skills you need to help you lower your scores.

00:00 Introduction
01:16 The High Pitch Shot
04:08 Standard Pitch Shot
05:29 The Low Pitch Shot
07:17 Standard Long Shot
14:19 Forced Carry Shots
16:10 Visual Intimidation
20:53 Routine for when you are on the golf course
25:24 Making sure you have a bowed wrist in your swing
31:42 Reviewing tape
34:07 Hitting the Driver Properly
37:19 Driver Drill to Avoid Pop Ups
41:24 Shot Skills Recap

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From Scratch to Scratch. Working with the top golf coaches, golf trainers, sports nutritionists, sports psychologists, and more around the world to take me from completely nothing to scratch golf.

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43 Replies to “Every Shot You NEED to BREAK: 100, 90, 80, 72”

  1. bro honestly this is the best new golf channel in recent history

  2. M T says:

    This is gold

  3. dsc6072 says:

    No more golftec. Stick with Mike, play a lot, be patient with yourself, and have fun.

  4. Mike Jones says:

    It seems you really want to keep switching back to a really strong grip instead of listening to what he's saying. Trust him and focus on that flexed wrist. I realized many years ago how important having a flexed wrist is and haven't looked back. I went from a hacker to a pretty decent golfer bc of it.

  5. helen guest says:

    Great coaching session. This is a keeper.

  6. Sach Mai says:

    Man, you are very lucky to have this so early. People spend a lifetime and can't figure it out. Becoming scratch still won't be easy. But I do wish you the best.
    Many thanks for sharing this with all. This is masterclass material.

  7. jlin says:

    Thanks for posting these lessons. I can only imagine how expensive a coach as good as Mike is. To be paying and posting for us is much appreciated.

  8. Your best video yet!👍 Mike is amazing. I (almost) feel like I can figure out the reason for my ball flight after watching him explain to you.

  9. Hilda Hudson says:

    Mike says he’s proud of you Jerome! Good job 👍 keep it going and decide which you want to do grip or wrist then focus on exercise and drills to strengthen that option to get good progress 🎉

  10. Allen Chu says:

    Good job J. Golf is hard but work harder brotha! Gives me the strength to not give up too 😂

  11. Brian Murray says:

    He gives you great knowledge and drills

  12. Ohsung Kwon says:

    Curious on Mike‘s opinion abt training aides like “precision impact” or “gravity fit”. Do u use them for ur practice?

  13. I wish each expert had their own playlist.

  14. Comment for the algorithm. What improvement do you notice most?

  15. Stris Robith says:

    Golf is tough, hang in there and have patience. Get the fundamentals locked and you'll be grateful later. It's not a race.

  16. Dietz 18 says:

    Curious, is there any good golfers that dont bow the wrist? I really would like to know. I feel like the wrist bow was a game changer for me.

  17. Chad James says:

    These are teaching me more about teaching than I’ve ever been taught 🤙🏻

  18. Paul Gardner says:

    My fav channel at mo. Must say Mike's a star.'

  19. Moon Choe says:

    Keep it up Jerome! The wrist thing is hard! Took me weeks and I still revert to bad habits if I don't practice it.

  20. Loved how he included “a half” after the “7”… 😅

  21. Sewerich says:

    Thank you for making these videos.

  22. Jerome I hope your giving Mike a residual on these because these are the top fundamentals of golf. I actually unsubscribed because it just felt painful to watch you trying to advance without anytime on the course. But I realize it’s the same frustration I feel and trying to do a complex action without understanding why. Mike is telling you over and over why and then giving you ways to achieve.
    My wrists weren’t even on the radar screen prior to these video’s. Today he gave you 75% of all you ever need to know!
    So let’s do it.
    I still think this is a three to five year project but if you can get in the 80’s and understand every shot the pleasure of the game more than the number will be worth the effort. 43:56

  23. Kevin Chhan says:

    Mike needs his own channel!!!, @jeromerufin I'll still follow you don't worry. But Mike's explainations on mechanics is just too good. Other video's are telling you tips on how to fix a bad swing or part of the mechanics. I feel like I finally understand the basics after 2 years of heavy youtube golf learning. I can't thank you enough!

  24. David Chang says:

    So many great tips! Great video

  25. Rick Shah says:

    It's raining gold every time mike talks!

  26. Nice lesson to watch, that’s pretty much what I’ve been applying to my swing recently, and yep I’m still making bad shots but I’m also making some good shots, what’s more important, is that as you practice what he showed today with regards to bowed wrist, hands ahead and turning, it soon becomes a very repeatable standard that you apply each time, once your doing that you may still make bad shots but the bad ones are less and the good ones are more, and when you make those bad shots they start to look somewhat consistent, whereas if you weren’t following these tips and you were eg working on trail foot and then working on lead leg lost up and then working on arms between body etc etc etc, you will have good and bad shots however your bad shots can be all over, topped, thinned, sliced, hooked, which gives you no confidence as that makes you feel like you have no idea what your doing… I honestly like watching both coaches and wouldn’t take credit away from anyone as I can see there all working on good things, I have to say Mikes is a get good quick method. You may not feel like that, but trust me it’s coming…

  27. Kyle Shabaga says:

    For the love of god never leave Mike

  28. All I know is you better appreciate the help that you're getting because any one of us watching these videos would kill to have these coaches I kill myself at the range 3 to 4 days a week just to try to be efficient player

  29. this is nutso. pure gold

  30. SnapBack says:

    I have changed my whole Driver swing since i started watching your channel…i have never hit it further and better 😍 Please tell mike thanks for the amazing tips 💪

  31. Obi-con says:

    I love Mike. Such a great coach

  32. Great lesson. Some good points to go and practice 👌

  33. Rua Toomey says:

    Mikes lessons are on a different level. I feel like a college student getting the best instruction ever

  34. Moon Face says:

    Mikes patience is next level, you can see why a lot of the top coaches will only coach top players

  35. Andy Hall says:

    every time I see one of your lessons with Mike I just want to get out and practice what he is teaching you. Hopefully if you get to scratch then I will get in to single figures. I wish us both good luck.

  36. Lars Miore says:

    Hello! @JeromeRufin What is your golf hcp right now?

  37. Crag says:

    Great video. I feel like im on this journey with you. Makes me really want to hit the range.

  38. Great , Mike is pure gold

  39. Chokki★□ says:

    Really great instruction from Mike – embrace everything he says and you will get to your goal!
    Keep up the great work, I’m really enjoying your videos and your journey 😊

  40. Hiddenbunny says:

    I don't know why people don't talk about the leading wrist as much as Mike, it might be one of the most important thing for ball striking.

  41. I feel like I’ve gotten thousands of dollars of golf coaching from your videos. I’ll be rewatching these for years!

    Keep up the grind bro! So excited to be along for the ride.

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