Fat Mike reacts to Hayley Willams calling him out (NOFX)

Fat Mike of NOFX talks about Hayley Williams of Paramore calling him out
Full interview: https://youtu.be/vj1phlK8n5Q

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21 Replies to “Fat Mike reacts to Hayley Willams calling him out (NOFX)”

  1. 2009 Warped Tour Cleveland, NOFX finishes their set to Fat Mike telling them our surpise guest was Paramore. Then tells everyone that he heard she gives great head. He is legend.

  2. No need to apologize to whomever that is.

  3. We all just need to stop holding women’s thoughts as equal to others.

  4. A. V. says:

    Man who gives a shit what Haley Pepperoni Nipples Williams thinks?

  5. Phoule007 says:

    Fat mike is so lost dude. It’s kinda sad. Put the Halley Williams stuff aside. Fat mike has a target on his back because he’s said some pretty crazy stuff recently. Fun fact y’all. If you have to explain yourself. You probably didn’t do a very good job at communicating in the first place. Oh and NOFX used to be in the fuck the govt train. Now they sing song about how you must obey. Weird….. almost like the punk scene hates government period or something…….. don’t sell out kids. You become an old sorry punk starving for attention in the end…..

  6. Now the woke people are ruining punk, what a shame 🥲

  7. Jesse Sloan says:

    That's the gayest question

  8. "We're not bros, bro."

    We're brews.

  9. Who is heyley Williams. i know i have google but just never heard of her.

  10. Up Your's says:

    Mike, mikie…. Why would you ever apologize for something that was said a decade ago?

    Forget (fock) these people. Never apologize to limp dick's or dyi.r pussies.

    NOfx are no effects for a reason.

  11. cb says:

    so summed up he's saying beyond gross and odd rumors/shit talking he did shouldn't be brought up/he shouldn't take accountability but rather be taken as a complient or badge of honor, and the comments agree. this is exactly what she was talking about, the irony is fucking hysterical. the scene is still dog shit cuz of yall

  12. paramore in the punk rock museum>?

  13. Psy-kun says:

    I know as a conservative I shouldn't love Fat Mike, but I do. He's the type of guy I'd love to sit around a bon fire and share stories with.

  14. daniel crnko says:

    This is like watching my childhood die. NOFX used to be so crass and not give a fuck. Now the guy is begging for forgiveness from the alphabet people. I guess all that “fuck authority, fuck the government” was just to sell records to teenager chumps like myself. Haven’t used this word in 20+ years; what a fucking poser.

  15. Back in the day using gay slurs were normal. We used them all the time, was it right, no, but it is what it is. Get over it, we're punks. We talk shit to everyone. Plus, FAT MIKE IS GAY!! 😂😂

  16. Never heard of Hayley Williams fwiw

  17. Ahahaha he’s right though. I’ve seen that flag😂

  18. Joe Joseph says:

    I think the coke and booze have caught up with him.

  19. soggymobflip says:

    I don't know much about this Hayley Williams character, but apparently she'll detail your tires or something?

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