Everything You Need to Know About the New Apex Pro, CB, MB Irons \ World of Wunder

The wait is over, the new Apex irons are here. Johnny Wunder takes a closer look at the Pro, CB, and MB in this special intro to the new Apex Pro Series 🔥


9 Replies to “Everything You Need to Know About the New Apex Pro, CB, MB Irons \ World of Wunder”

  1. @worldofwunder can you give me a fitting at ECPC?

  2. I like the upgrade over the last model. Can't wait to try them out.

  3. Since the cup face and microspheres are only in the 3-5 for the Pros in your next video I'll be interested to see how the Pros and MBs compare (aside from the already different toplines and offsets) as they'd both are 1025 forged head from 6i down, correct? I'd also be interested to see how Paradym would compare to the Apex line. I would expect Paradym would have more distance and forgiveness since it still has a cup face construction in shorter irons.

  4. K W says:

    These look great

  5. can we address the ransomeware hack that happened on callaways website that has led to your site/customer service being down and orders places a week ago still in "still being processed" status. callaway is quick to take your money, and charge your credit card, but no confirmation emails or contact with customer support? hmm…

  6. JohnG says:

    Nice looking irons for sure

  7. these look awful.

    the best part hogan himself said the middle of the club is towards the golf hosel. that's his club you took the name and and just messed it up.

    dude, these better be forged at this price.

    just gosh awful.

    jaw wedges are the worst too. the cleveland that made them too?

  8. Aaron Taylor says:

    MB with a longer blade length is 💰

  9. Grand slam !! Except. Shouldn’t the “Pro” model be for pros ? It’s kinda confusing to the masses. Like Johnny said, “for the country club players …” I know it’s a minor thing but I’ve thought and been hearing this from people for years. You have to admit that what I say makes sense.

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