EVIAN RESORT CHAMPIONSHIP Round 3! EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 Career Mode Part 74!

EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 XBOX SERIES X Gameplay Career Mode Part 74: PGA Season 1 Week 15 French Championship ROUND 3 at EVIAN RESORT GOLF CLUB! Time Stamps are listed below! EA Sports PGA Tour Career full round and impressions! EA play trial is live now and the game launched on April 7, 2023! Subscribe and stay tuned for all things EA Sports PGA TOUR leading up to launch! Checkout the full Ryan Gamer EA PGA Tour Career Mode Series in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2ypHzc7pV81IfCnWHEqBCojquxfSkNn2

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Timestamps/Chapters in video:
1. Intro, Recap & Overview: 0:00 – 2:03
5. Front 9 of French Championship ROUND 3: 2:04 – 23:20
6. Back 9 of French Championship ROUND 3: 23:21

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Intro Outro Music Credit: Music from YouTube Audio Library
Song: Everglow and We March Together
Artist: Patrick Patrikios
Music source: YouTube Audio Library

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12 Replies to “EVIAN RESORT CHAMPIONSHIP Round 3! EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 Career Mode Part 74!”

  1. Why are you Hitting the French Fans? Especially the Guy at the 4th Hole. Are you Trying to Start a War with France? 😉 Seriously though it's a Tough Course. Hopefully all Goes well in the Last Round.

  2. Spent 8 months building a tropical course from scratch. Dropped it a couple weeks ago and somehow got 74 plays already! It’s called “Kahana Bay” you’ll love it man!!

  3. Forrest Lane says:

    I’d hold an open umbrella while watching you

  4. Jon McHugh says:

    Keep up the good work love the videos. Question on approach shots when the ball is above the feet do you adjust more aim to right snd then when. Ball is below your feet you aim left? Would appreciate it

  5. Demodexitch says:

    Enjoyed the up and down round, almost perfect home stretch. Appreciate the grind to put out content to cover your vacation! One time in rd 4!

  6. Greg Jon says:

    Playing so much before vacation. 8:54

  7. That was a tough entertaining round ever, great chip in on the last. Let's go for the final. 🏌‍♂⛳👍

  8. Tough up and down round. But…that chip on the 18th made it all worth while!! Great shot!! Let’s Go!!

  9. Jeremy says:

    Way to finish strong brother. Awesome shot.

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