This Disc Blew Brad's Mind When He Threw it | In The Bag

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19 Replies to “This Disc Blew Brad's Mind When He Threw it | In The Bag”

  1. Robert Clark says:

    Are you not releasing on Spotify anymore or on a consistent release schedule?

  2. Everytime I watch one of these episodes I think it's so funny that Terry Miller put on this all business Brad persona just for foundation

  3. nejtan1 says:

    we need bag charts overlay bacc

  4. Jay Norris says:

    If you see a Valkyrie in the used bin. Buy it!

  5. Alex Lane says:

    I finally tried gg jerky and i got the garlic lovers and honestly it was just okay. Way too much garlic and i definitely got jerky jaw on their smaller tournament bag lol i got it got free as a small consolation prize at a tournament and it was good for the price of free but i thought it was overall just alright. But I'm glad he does what he does with the proceeds!!

  6. Bobby Bobman says:

    Oh my gosh yessss, my mvp wave, its so good but its so touchy. Definitely my furthest flying disc, if I hit it perfect, but boy, my crank, boss, two mystere, beast, savant and escape are not gyro, and they are way more consistent. I love the wave, but its such a professional needed disc. My champ mystere flys pretty overstable, but my star mystere, it bombs, its pretty straight but it does need space to full flight.

  7. Bulk Bogan says:

    I have like 60 to 70 CE valkries.. Don't get me started on the fire birds.. I also have 10 of Carl cubbedge's CE's.. With his aces written on them..

  8. Zach Slater says:

    We don’t have a reference

  9. mikeywho says:

    I miss the charts

  10. Ross M says:

    With you on the Zone and Zone OS, Brad. I don't backhand the Zone but will, occasionally, throw backhand with the Zone OS.

  11. Yes, totally agree with the Valkyrie love! Mine are near max weight in Star and seasoned a bit. They have a gentle turn and hold up surprisingly well in the wind.

  12. Birdie putter. Who'd a thought?!

  13. why aren’t the charts on screen anymore?

  14. jax vaughan says:

    I think plastic has a lot to do with the trespass stability, I have thrown some very flippy trespass and some very over stable trespass

  15. jd says:

    Almost first

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