Welcome to another Sunday Morning Show in association with our main sponsor Golfing Days.

This week we are at St Mellion Estates to catch up with English PGA Champion James Ruth to table about his up and coming start on the Challenge Tour at St Mellion.

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35 Replies to “EXCITING NEWS………”

  1. john wheeler says:

    Excellent show, as always without the back of house crew, grounds men etc this event would not happen.

  2. I thought Brian was a fantastic winner he plays golf like your brother Paul

  3. BrianH says:

    There’s a beauty in keeping the ball in play with strategy vs 320+ yards and gouging from the rough.

  4. There should be tours with promotion and relegation places so you can climb the ladder to the main tour. We lost the Europro tour last year and nothing has replaced it. What did Will do when that went 🤷🏻

  5. Thanks again another chilled out Sunday morning show 👏

  6. Craig says:

    Well done for highlighting this event Dan. Fantastic event and best of luck to James. Scandalous how the PGA has become corporate and completely forgotten their roots and reason for existing. They don’t push hard enough at all for the PGA professionals and this needs to be addressed at senior management level of both the PGA and R&A. Feeding the top superstars isn’t growing the game!!
    Brian Harmon, fantastic links demonstration and well done Hoylake 👍⛳️

  7. Mowser12345 says:

    Harmon fully deserved that win and showed that The Open is an opportunity for all and not just the marquee players if you tackle it the right way. Good luck to James next week… rooting for him 🤞👍

  8. Harmon deserved the win, played the best golf of the week.

  9. Neil Gardner says:

    Great swing, wish my swing was that good James. Good luck in the tournament

  10. Excellent show, Dan. It’s great listening to James’ insights & good luck in the Challenge Tour event. Harman’s win was very well deserved – a brilliant lesson in how to play an amazing course in very difficult conditions.

  11. Mike Jarrett says:

    Brian Harman won because his short game was imperious. To be able to reel off the number of par saves that he did was extraordinary . He might nor have been a fan favourite but so what ? He also seemed able to avoid almost all the fairway bunkers, which if I remember correctly was the foundation of Tiger Woods win at Hoylake. Best of luck next week James, looking forward to attending the event.

  12. Harmon showed skill and placement around the course is still required – great win.
    James is a great addition to this channel, and good luck to him for next week. And I think the spot he won that got “taken” away should have been moved to a different tournament- but fair play to him and his attitude towards it 👍

  13. Mark Roberts says:

    Harmans victory was superb. Shame it was disrespected somewhat by the crowd. I though Hoylake as a setup was really good.

  14. SeamusC says:

    Best of luck to James. I attended 2 days of the challenge tour event in Ireland this week, Friday and yesterday. Smaller crowds made it really easy to get close to action and see how good these guys are.

  15. pete Kenny says:

    How much money does James earn in a year and how much are his costs for the year travel and play 👍👍…..the DP tour is now wanting the more attractive established players these guys like James are being pushed further down the pecking order and also with no euro pro tour even less chances now 🤯

  16. Good luck to James also any update on Joe, hope you don’t lose him from the channel. As for the open for the first time in years didn’t watch the last round which probably sums up my thoughts on it

  17. Roger Jones says:

    Good Luck James. Brian Harman played very well and thoroughly deserved to win. I went to the Monday practice day and on the 9th tee although he was playing alone and obviously taking rigorous notes with his caddy. He walked from the middle of the fairway to the ropes to say hello and Hi five some children who were watching. He had just hit it to six feet or so then so may not have been as jovial if it was short in a bunker 😁

  18. Steve Brown says:

    Hoylake Open was superb. Harmon fully deserved to win. Fairways and green and a red hot short game will always give you a chance in any tournament. Great contribution from Jimbo. PGA golf professionals are the backbone of golf in UK & NI. Without them golf would struggle. There should be at least 5 allowed into Wentworth PGA Tournament. The national champions of England, Scotland, Wales, NI & Ireland should all automatically qualify IMO.

  19. Sean Cook says:

    The Open became a bit of a damp squib. But a massive win for Harman and big thumbs up for the little grinders of the game! Shows you especially with links golf being so multi dimensional that you don’t have to fly the wall 320 yards and Harman just simply managed his way around and putted the rest of the field out of the tournament. 👏🏼 👍🏼

  20. Excellent as always. I think there’s are two sides to wentworth etc, first is the tour pros trying to make a living and would twenty places kick some of them off, but….players like James (. And maybe as we know and like James it distorts us) surely deserve the same chance to get a regular slot on the tour and move up and on. I’d say the later that there should be more spaces. It also never fails to amaze me how good James is but still isn’t a regular tour player, I’d love to know why? Luck, consistency or ????

  21. Ian Glover says:

    Best of luck for next week James

  22. I can't believe anyone would question Brian Harman's win. What more can you do than destroy a world class field and win by 6 shots on a brute of a golf course. Also, flying the flag for us lefties 💪

  23. Alan Mccoll says:

    Very enjoyable Sunday show!st Mellion is amazing course and looks In fantastic condition.
    Great input from James as always and good luck in the competition 👏

  24. Allan Clark says:

    Just money and greed to suit sponsors unfortunately instead of having 10-20 unknowns in the field they would rather have names who are on the tour. Probably find that tour players weren’t happy to lose a spot cause of the setup either.

  25. Good luck James. It’s good to see different names winning titles so I’m pleased for Harmon. Well deserved.

  26. Mervyn Hayes says:

    Think the fact they raked the bunkers differently after the first day was a positive. Was too penile with the ball rolling up under the face.
    As for PGA qualifying every spot is a spot for someone's livelihood, full time players committed to the tour either by tour school or playing exempt (keeping their card) should take priority over 'gifted' (even if earnt over one event) spots. Think the current numbers of none tour players is about right players know the qualifying system(s).

  27. He was the right one for me because he won. His score was the best on the day. No more to be said. ❤❤

  28. It seems that the pga have made things pretty unfair now for those golfers trying to get into the top events. From 10 players down to 1 isn't good tbh.
    Harmon tactics and management around the course was brilliant, his golf was incredible.
    Nickalaus course is solid, played 3 times and never scored over 28pts 😢.

  29. PapyGolf says:

    Brian Harmon has been wise and clever, that's it. And highly precise, especially with his putter but not only. Not incredibly long from the tee, just shooting fairway finders. The right champion this year IMHO.

  30. Chris Mayor says:

    Of course Brian Harmon was the right winner……he played the best. No one would be anywhere bothered as much if Tommy Fleetwood or Rory had run away with it. The winner deserves the win. I was disgusted with the boos. This is the Open. We are supposed to be the most informed fans. So let’s live up to that. Ryder Cup is where they are for. Americans started it, so they are fair game in a team match.

  31. Brian Harmon was a breath of fresh air winning the open, just shows that big hitting doesn't win all the time.And good luck to James next week, I feel he's got the game to do well and make the cut for the weekend👍
    And another great show Dan👏👏👏

  32. Mark Scott says:

    From a contractual point of view it’s difficult to understand how a start promised with victory can be later removed without an alternative being provided.

  33. Dan does James actually make a living from golf . Best luck James

  34. Great video Dan,great to see Ruthy playing so well,his insight on the channel,really helps me with my game,keep up the great work👍⛳

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