World record for longest catch at a sporting event and it’s by a dog! (via @Frisbee Rob)

29 Replies to “World record for longest catch at a sporting event and it’s by a dog! (via @Frisbee Rob)”

  1. Be honest u watched this twice.

  2. AlexBlox says:

    He runned like a real player ❤😂

  3. Damn 🙄 that dog is fast

  4. То,как она победоносно посмотрела по сторонам дорогого стоит!

  5. Hobbyhorses says:

    The Way its a dog when the logo is a horse❤

  6. Jii-Ro says:

    Dude probably plays disc golf. He has good form

  7. Hanna says:


  8. Я теперь боюсь собак на велике-_-

  9. Aramadığına emin olduğum o türkçe yorum benim

  10. This dog is better than a cheetah and a horse

    Also give that dog an Oscar right sway

  11. AstralS says:

    for me the dog catching it wont be a problem its just me throwing the frisbee

  12. Who's record is it the human or the dog

  13. My reaction at the end: 🙀🤯🤯

  14. James Marcos says:

    Should b playing for the 49s, catches better than there sorry ass receivers.

  15. Bro knew people watching him😂

  16. Only dog can do this

  17. ZAK PAK says:

    Bro this kid is tureen hill

  18. Super pes nato že je malí a richlí

  19. Amber Playz says:

    Something I wished my dead cat could do while she lasted😢😢😢😢😔😭

  20. Trusted ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. What do u think is more impressive the throw or the catch💀💀💀

  22. Dog Max PRO BOSS 💪

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