NFL Insider Mike Garafolo Talks Saquon, Burrow, Herbert, Dalvin & More w Rich Eisen | Full Interview

NFL Insider Mike Garafolo tells Rich Eisen why Saquon Barkley and the New York Giants weren’t able to come to terms on a long-term contract extension, what the G-Men’s expectations are for Daniel Jones on the heels of the QB’s huge contract, why Joe Burrow’s next Bengals contract will most likely surpass the record-setting deal inked by Justin Herbert and the Chargers, when and where we can expect big-name free agent RBs like Dalvin Cook and Ezekiel Elliott to sign, and why we shouldn’t sleep on the New Orleans Saints next season.

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15 Replies to “NFL Insider Mike Garafolo Talks Saquon, Burrow, Herbert, Dalvin & More w Rich Eisen | Full Interview”

  1. I’ll never be mad at a lineman or a getting paid more than the running back. Saquon Barkley is what you want in the years that you don’t have a talented team with little chance: a player that the offense runs through so as fans you get to see Saquon tote the rock and the attempts he gets to make a difference in the game is exciting for a fan base and a bit of a heartburn pill for the losses. Also he allows you to have a consistent outlet to a grooming qb like jones but jones I believe will have a better statistical year this year and will be in the playoffs due to the weak conference competition and Dallas in decline in their division.With that said Jones will be respected after next year and his contract won’t look that bad for following years. However, at the END of the DAY: Saquon Barkley is Giants Football and to say he’s not worth 13 million dollars a year where your Salary Cap in a 4 year span is at 230 million dollars(still going to increase) is nonsense. The rule for any TE RB Safety or Guard: let the rest of the league know how special this player is by saying “well this is fkn Kelse or Barkley or Nelson! They are the best and have been the best for a while now and we think they are going to be the best for the 2 or 3 years!”

  2. geoycs says:

    Can we get over Barkley’s contract? It’s ok.

  3. 7kbolding says:

    Rich eisen needs to grow up and stop acting like these running backs are victims. Stop being a child and be a journalist

  4. Sheon is at peace because he doesn't know better 🧐

  5. Reggie Zorn says:

    So many NFL insiders

  6. If you're a GM, dead in the water with no QB. If you're lucky enough to find one the work begins. Costing 20% of the cap is business as usual for the NFL.

  7. Barkley is the only "Star" skill player the Giants have. That's motivation for the Giants, but excellent analysis by Garafolo. If Saquon sat out it would have been a PR problem more for the Giants than him.

  8. Ben Tidy says:

    As an Eagles fan SB is the one guy that makes me worry in the division. Crazy that the Giants have such a talent and treated him this way.

  9. Benjamin says:

    RBs en masse are going to forget how to pass protect.

  10. Tony W Yeh says:

    Saquon played himself, pure and simple, he had ZERO leverage

  11. The obvious result will be that young gifted athletes are not going to play running back but will choose to play other positions or other sports. Also they will not go run oriented college teams unless they get to play a Deebo Samuels role .

  12. herbert's deal isn't 5 years it's 7, and he wasn't making 4mil this year it was 8.5, this is why florio is the only reporter that matters

  13. Saquon Barkley is overrated. Give me CMC, King Henry, Chubb, Ekeler, Taylor, Josh Jacobs, Dalvin Cook.

  14. These “nfl insiders” are kind of dumb and def boring. Had enough pelissero segments as well

  15. Man from BC says:

    Saquon isn't worth 13M a year. RBs just aren't valuable enough for the team.

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