FEMINIST BARBIE MOVIE REVIEW: How To Have It All! | Shallon Lester

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49 Replies to “FEMINIST BARBIE MOVIE REVIEW: How To Have It All! | Shallon Lester”

  1. Shop with my coupon code on LILYSILK ANNIVERSARY SALE 2023:

    Get 12% off on Any Purchase: Shallon12

    Get 15% off on Orders over $350: Shallon15

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  2. deeznuts69 says:

    yassss gurl ozempic qween we stan!

  3. Tara Cat says:

    You are so great

  4. I went to see the movie alone & also cried a lot.

  5. Pink looks really great on you !🎀

  6. Khawlah says:

    I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure you have muslim friends or acquaintances. Because your understanding of our culture is always equally surprising and awesome. lol that part about not getting married and still moving out of the house MADE ME FEEL SEEN.

  7. Caroline C says:

    Shallon!! We need your wisdom and insight on the Seattle kraken vs tiktok mess. Imo everyone in that situation is WRONG. It would be good video to discuss the pros and cons on pro athletes too and share your wisdom with us. ❤❤

  8. Great video! Playing the patriarchy card is the same as playing the racist card in my opinion. Women are their own worst enemies.

  9. Quintessence says:

    That is probably the best color I have ever seen you in! I am not kidding. That pink, even though it's neonish, is incredible on you. I want to find a pink that fits me with my brown hair lol.

  10. Quintessence says:

    Would a 10th grade boy and his 12th grade brother enjoy this haha? Cuz I want to drag my husband in the two other men in my life to it.

  11. Cowboy Robot says:

    To any guys reading this: If you ever meet a woman like Shallon or any woman that thinks a Barbie movie, a Hollywood made by a multi-billion dollar company about DOLLS, has anything of importance to say in terms of social commentary or critical thinking, run for the hills.

  12. I hate the children nerrative!! I hate it with passion.
    Do you know how many men have children and dont identify as a parent. This is not the first thing that comes to their mind.
    Have children or not….do you think the Queen or Marie Currie identified as mothers first? No, it was their duty. They did their job and were fucking amazing at it.
    I just think there is a middle ground where women dont care about being parents but they are. They identify as lawyers, doctors, CEOs. Parenting is just an addition to what they are. I would like to think about myself the same way. If I want that man, with the nice house and great business, absolutly adores and respects me, well then, I will have to grant him that child he wants. I am always going to be the best at my job and I would not identify as a "mother" or a "wife" first!

  13. Diane Payne says:

    I went to see Barbie with my daughter and we both cried …

  14. SureBuddy A says:

    Patriarchy is still thriving. Read when god was a woman. Jaw dropping. We’ve been groomed for years!! Men get away v with the minimum. I’m single now and own my own home. Put myself through college, too. Men just slowed me down from my v dreams. Thought I had to be a “ wifey” to be happy. I am a woman first. I focus on myself now and can’t be happier and more fulfilled

  15. This is great. I never thought about defining what success or happiness looks like FOR ME -not what it looks like to society for a woman.

  16. Bitchtoastx says:

    What you said in the video made me think about this one time I said i broke up with a guy for not wanting to provide and some pick me girl replied to me with "I would feel awful making my husband pay for all my meals"

    Like… okay… 🤡

  17. I saw it with my mom too we went to a late showing on her birthday because she accidentally bought tickets online to the wrong theater so there were a few times she nodded off one of them being the part where I started tearing up I was wiping my eyes in that way you do when you want it to look like you’re not crying even though you are and I look over and see her and think oh she was crying too but I learned after the movie she had just woken up from falling asleep again lolol and I had no idea because I was so engrossed in the movie!! Especially towards the last 40 minute stretch during which I had to pee so badly! It was a good time and yes I did wear pink 💕🦄

  18. Omg other people micro sob at commercials!? I feel a lot more normal now lol

  19. The Kens playing guitar at the Barbies made my summer.

  20. Bree Fortune says:

    Old money looks on shallon make me want to dye my hair blonde so bad I love it…. She owns classy.

  21. FGGCreed says:

    I'm only 20 minutes in, but let me just say that I am living for everything you said. Nothing but facts

  22. Brucie Jones says:

    could you talk more about people that don't have it all. but would like more. struggling and success. maybe your followers are more on the success side. I feel like they are. But I'm not and I love it when you do stories about grit etc.

  23. Hi Shallon, Have you ever looked into the case of LIMA JEVREMOVIC| Adam22 No Jumper podcast INTERVIEW I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  24. Thank you so much for saying this! Men are pretty reasonable but they are not mind readers – they go off what has worked in the past for them. As switched-on intelligent women, we need to be pioneers of a new way of relating to men – practicing fearlessness by expressing our true feelings and desires at the risk of hurting them. In my experience, they actually respond pretty well, in fact they sometimes want to marry me 😉 PS the Lily Silk clothing is so gorgeous!

  25. You should do a whole video on styling and fashion!

  26. Betül A. says:

    İ also cried during the whole movie!!!

  27. Roopa Dudley says:

    Not being able to live in a temperate climate state with an Ocean view and a huge patio with an infinity pool is where I did not make the cut. That is my sacrifice.

  28. Jess F. says:

    I really loved your message ! Unpopular opinion but I hated the barbie movie Haha. Some parts were ok but overall I felt the message changed too much and they over complicated it a bit but the outfits and all the pink was incredible ❤

  29. I loved it. People are way too sensitive these days😂

  30. Sirzi says:

    You look so gorgeous in all those outfits during your ad read!

  31. "why are you this stupid" I have to stop myself from saying this to men most days 😂 their audacity is what propels them to success bc it's certainly not their brains

  32. Andrea HQ says:

    I micro sob on a regular basis. ❤️

  33. mercurymay39 says:

    This was a wonderful background to have as I rewrite my resume, thank you

  34. G Taylor says:

    So needed this video!! I had a baby 6 months ago, my body went through hell during labor and hasn't bounced back in any sense of the word because you can get diabetes just from having a baby. Not even anything else, just having a baby! Add in thyroid issues and my body is not anywhere close to what I want. But jesus, it seems like I'm still supposed to figure out how to be an A++ rockstar at work, be a super mom, be a great friend, find time for having a sex life, and find time to work out. It feels impossible.

  35. Laurita222 says:

    I have a big high powered job I get to work from home and I just became a momma this year.
    My parents were immigrants and I grew up very poor now I make 6 figs.
    You can have it all.
    ANYTHING is possible ♥️

  36. Ray Gin says:

    I was kinda dissapointed because so much of the plot was about the kens

  37. Joy Mae says:

    I died at the cabbage patch kid comment 😂

  38. Dean Chauvin says:

    Shallon Lester a typical American sociopath. Basically your run-of-the-mill woman in 2023

  39. i'm an 18 year old cis boy and appreciated this video.
    (i'm not saying this to get praised -at all. i just wanted to say that) i value the points you made, because i both agree with them and thought some of the same things while watching the movie myself.

  40. Uh Hhhh says:

    I was thinking today about the country music consultant who told all those radio stations that the male singers are the lettuce of the salad and female singers are the tomatoes and just like that, all the radio stations took his advice and cut the amount of songs they played by female artists way down. Men will act like nobody is sexist anymore but even if most aren't, all it takes is ONE powerful asshole and people not standing up, to fuck us all over

  41. The movie taught me that the world would flourish without men, or with a lot less of them around .

  42. Nalie says:

    18:00 You don't have to be an alpha to successful though it's not a prerequisite, so you could try to make that as a rebuttal against the argument "Alphas need representation", but they're saying "people need representation", meaning that society is made up of all kinds of individuals not just so called 'Alphas', many of which do need to see representation, especially as it's usually children were talking about because that's when humans develop their personalities and sense of who they are in the world and what they think is possible, and especially because the only representation and role modelling they see may be negative. What we see, especially when we're young, affects what we believe whether we like it or not. It has a brainwashing effect, it's similar to "availability bias". It's role modelling. Even you Shalon are a combination of different things that influenced you growing up, that you were able to identify with in some way. That's just the condition of being human, whether you personally like that or not. And a society in which more people feel they have a chance, is better for literally everyone in the society, if representation is what it takes for the human mind to believe then that's what's required. We can either have a few successful ppl who didn't need representation, or many successful people who did. People other than Alphas need to succeed and society needs people other than alphas. Moreso it needs mentally healthy individuals with a sense of purpose and high self esteem. Things are required for that to manifest in human beings.

  43. Puresinx🖤 says:

    “Leonardo Da Vinci had a seemingly endless assemblage of concepts and ideas, all of which were unrelated, and scattered.
    The 'Renaissance Man' followed his curiosity and not his specialization.”

  44. Sure it would be nice to 'have it all' or have what my mind heart and soul wants but reality is a big kick in the ass.I'm 63 yrs old and I work full time to just support my self..but than why bother anymore..my only child and husband passed away…so it takes every ounce of my strength to put one foot in front of the other day in and day out

  45. Ghara Pike says:

    Honestly shallon, I don’t want kids myself .. I don’t see my life with kids … so u are not the only one ! It’s not for me and honestly we have different paths in life, different goals, views.. don’t feel like you are failing anyone, because u aren’t. Your amazing and I wish u way more successful and beautiful things in life, stay blessed ! 🫶🏼🩷🙌

  46. Omg, you are so funny and intelligent!

  47. Genuinely confused when girls say they cried in Barbie…. Did we see the same movie?! The whole thing was a goofy satire that didn’t feel like it was taking itself very seriously. I honestly thought a lot of it was confusing and incoherent, and even had some stretches that were boring and trying really hard to be funny… but the laughs weren’t really landing.

    A lot of America Ferrera’s speech felt indicative of the way women treat women and how hard we are on each other. We are way harder on each other than men are on us. We buy into and uphold the impossible standards! A more interesting Barbie movie might’ve been about intrasexual competition. When Barbie visits the real world, she notices the sexism, but also that women aren’t exactly rooting for each other and helping each other out. In Barbie world it’s all girl power – everyone supporting and applauding each other. Why isn’t that mirrored on the real world? Let’s come to terms with that in 2023. All the patriarchy laments are getting tired.

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