This One Move Will DRAMATICALLY Increase Your Distance And Control


Ultimate Guide To Rotation In The Downswing

Complete Guide To Shallowing In The Downswing

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11 Replies to “This One Move Will DRAMATICALLY Increase Your Distance And Control”

  1. Ken Low says:

    Great job teaching, thank you. Does this similarity apply to the driver swing?

  2. Bassmasta911 says:

    That top down view is great. I saw a video of Tiger Woods with a POV camera on his hat called eye of the tiger which was also cool

  3. KaBoom baby. U nailed it, the power move.

  4. Mich Sneddon says:

    Anything else you can suggest for external feedback if you don't wear a belt to hit balls?

    Been doing a variation of this drill just without the stick for external feedback.

    Probably one of the best drills out there for getting rid of early extension, as well as getting all the ground reaction forces as you mentioned in the video.

    I also like to do a pump drill with this – so pump to club parallel with feeling. 3 pumps and hit after 3rd pump – often you'll hit it almost your normal distance.

  5. Manny S says:

    A game changer ! Thank you.

  6. Simmo says:

    “Squat to square” to use rotary golfs words. Almost all coaches teach this which in turn supports your methods.

  7. Kurt Heitman says:

    I have never heard any other coach having knowledge of this move. Your breadth of golf knowledge is massive! The alignment stick could have been camouflaged and it wouldn’t have mattered. You explained it clearly. 😂

  8. Bluejeans says:

    A yellow or orange stick would stand out against your dark netting.

  9. Johnny Mo says:

    One of the best in the game JC! Keep on grinding my Man.

    Quick question, can this same type of drill be done with the fairway woods and driver? The big sticks are getting the best of me this summer. 🇨🇦

  10. Robert Lewis says:

    JC it would really help to use an alignment stick with a more contrasting or vivid color than the one your using, as it’s very hard to see.

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