FIGHTING ON THE GOLF COURSE?! (Barry Graham Alt Shot Ep.2)

This has to be the worst team attempt ever! Welcome back to the newly named “Barry Graham Alternate Shot” Ep.2!

George telling lies? CMM stirring the pot & myself trying to deflect any blame! This video will have you in stitches!



18 Replies to “FIGHTING ON THE GOLF COURSE?! (Barry Graham Alt Shot Ep.2)”

  1. Can’t stop laughing 😂 boys you are all legends in my book 📕 😂😂 # golf supply taking over

  2. Sod the golf I bloody loved the banter proper funny had me cracking up big time, my type of golf keep this sort of content coming lads, great video.

  3. Ken Kennison says:

    Great video, very entertaining, proper good laugh and look forward to the next episode of BGAS 😃

  4. Brian Murray says:

    Hopefully Jasmine watches this and sees it really was Ash's fault he's just not good at alternate shot😂 George's shot was shite. But Ash you had 2 bad shots out the 4 bad shots on the 4th

  5. Enjoyed this format, it's a tough challenge though boys.
    Could I suggest a change of order for you? George – Westy – Ash
    Looking forward to the series, I think this is possibly a 'loss leader', it'll be difficult to score this badly again 😉
    ONWARDS!!! 👍

  6. Best golf video and channel out there at the moment. Looking forward to the next attempt

  7. Still killing meself laughing at this one boys

  8. This episode was too funny, George didn't blade the 9, but the punch out was suspicious 😂

    How about you get bazza on the channel in a 3 Vs alt shot if you can't finish level par 👀

  9. Keith Burton says:

    I think the first achievement should be to go under + 9 over for 9 holes 😅

  10. Bill Smart says:

    This has broken me 😂 so funny, love it

  11. Dan Hogan says:

    Screw Barry, my $ is that U WILL do it before the summer is over!

  12. Sewie says:

    I didn’t stop laughing all video. Looking forward to more BGAS

  13. Swinn_E3 says:

    I’ve had to pause watching this one as CMMs description of hitting his 5iron low so someone can hit a wedge over and then the clunk of the tree had me ☠️☠️

    Love ya boys !!! ❤❤❤❤ F**k the haterrrrrrrrssss

    of everything GOLF ⛳️ BOOOSSSHHH

  14. J says:

    So let me get this right: Ash is +1, CMM is 7 and George is 15 🤣 Just kidding, what a funny old round of golf.

  15. David Graham says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! This is the best YT golf channel by a mile. Never seen such an entertaining golf video.😂

    I'm not a hater, I love your channel.

    But I love a good wind up too…😂🤣

    If you do this, I'm going to buy you a 'Barry Graham Alternate Shot Championship' trophy! 😂😂🤣

  16. Andy says:

    Great fun that lads and George definitely bladed that 9 iron 😂😂 ⛳️🏌‍♂️

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