Final Round Highlights, MPO | 2023 European Open presented by Discmania

Experience the THRILLING finish of the 2023 European Open in these highlights from the MPO final round broadcast!

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Please keep in mind these are condensed highlights from the live broadcast and not meant to be full shot-by-shot coverage of any particular group. For shot-by-shot coverage, head to our partners at Jomez Productions and MDG Media.

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42 Replies to “Final Round Highlights, MPO | 2023 European Open presented by Discmania”

  1. Dey H says:

    So this is actually a sport.. i saw these net thingies in a local park since when i was a kid and never knew it was a real sport lol. Ps. They need better cameramen for this event.

  2. Kyle Elliott says:

    How many times do you miss with the same shot…..before you maybe try a different shot?

  3. I was calling for AB to layup and take the par, and make the Cory Ellis shot harder because it would be for the tie.

  4. Justin Case says:

    Corey's been through it, man. From the bottom to the top. That's what makes this win so huge for him.

  5. Dude injuries his wife’s hand, and doesn’t acknowledge it, and she clearly yells out…ouch…. AND doesn’t even thank his wife at the end. Wow…. How selfish and rude. I see her carrying his bag at every game and this is how he thanks her. Hope he treats her like his one and only off the course…Someone’s in trouble. That just goes to show ya who’s important to him …. Ellis, you always thank your partner first… it’s just what you do.

  6. Such a class act to see Paul caddying for AB.

  7. Jason Parish says:

    AB!!!! Oh man… that was hard to watch even on a replay… Congrats to Corey!!!

  8. Cory Ellis might be my new favorite disc golf player

  9. Derek Haag says:

    Dang. The raw emotion from Corey in the interview had me tearing up. So happy for him

  10. Couldn't of happened to a better bloke, well done Corey.. champion 🎉

  11. Leon Lin says:

    Love Philo’s commentary.

  12. Joe Burns says:

    Such a good guy! Followed his card at OTB and I remember his lead card interview from Jomez last year. Disc golf has brought peace back into my life as well. He earned every bit of that victory. Congratulations man! 🥏💜🌏🌎🦮✌️

  13. Nick Pappas says:

    Bro, AB was supposed to win this one. Wtf man 😢

  14. I'd like to see Paul caddying/mentoring AB more. I think he's the most talented disc golf on tour, he just needs that drive and discipline. McBeth is a perfect mentor for him. If he took it as seriously as McBeth, he'd be nearly unstoppable.

  15. AB coming back with a vengence! bet that!

  16. That’s Corey Clutch, finally!!

  17. Joshua Moses says:

    I'm so impressed with the poise that AB showed after that meltdown. Kept his cool so well.

  18. HELL YA Corey, amzing perfomance man, you deserve it!!!

  19. fraunk70 says:

    Thank you. That was very satisfying. Seeing what happened was necessary for the public to understand it in a way that the simple scorebox cannot, thanks.
    Congrats to the winner(no spoiler here, baby), he's been through hell and high water. And like many in our community, disc golf has been his lifeline and savior. Cheers!

  20. TeddyDrums says:

    That car revving up during Ezra's jump putt was tragic 😢lol

  21. 12:21 Corey casually destroying his wife's hand with that high 5 🤣🤣

  22. Scott Smith says:

    Great tournament. Was rooting for Eagle and he did not disappoint. Loved seeing Corey win and all the close competition.

  23. GreatJuju says:

    Paul on AB bag. Respect

  24. On one hand feel bad for AB, but he'll get his big win. Other hand so happy for Corey getting that win he deserves

  25. Marty Modus says:

    Way to get back into the mix and remain in contention right to the end, Kyle Klein! Making Michigan (aka American Finland) very proud!

  26. David F. says:

    what a great round and tournament from corey. he's been so close to wins for years, really happy to see him pull it off

  27. Fran Zilla says:

    Man I feel for AB. Played so well. Awesome win for Corey though. AB will be back to silence those haters

  28. Alex says:

    Why was Paul caddying AB when he’s been prepping for this for weeks?

  29. Jaimbis says:

    That high five to Corey’s wife 😂😂😂

  30. SHIZZLER says:

    AB was Tin Cupping out there

  31. Perfect stuff.. so happy for Corey Ellis.. had to lose a few tough ones but made this all the sweeter!

  32. Scott C says:

    damn I wanted AB to win that so badly but Ellis totally deserves one. especially after his performances last year ellis has been grinding and he totally needed a win like this. that one fall through putt vs heimburg last year was just too heartbreaking so its nice to see that one come back around for corey. congrats corey!

  33. Derek Casey says:

    Performance aside…that vintage Diamondbacks drip from AB is All-Time. Just missing the number 51 imo. 😎

  34. Arnold M says:

    Love Corey, Love AB. The field is so good, winning keeps getting tougher.

  35. Shortsmcgee says:

    Coulda used a zone OS

  36. iLLWiTHiT. says:

    Ok. We all complained about it. Now, finally, we all need to say thank you to the DGPT for not spoiling with the thumbnail.

  37. The pond on 12, the island on 16, what kind of crazy OB's are these? Was rooting for AB and the chaos on 16 was something I would like never to see again. Please change that rule. Congrats to CE on the major win. Also was great to see PM out there bagging and supporting his team. That must have helped ease the sting of 16 for AB at leasts. Hope PM's shoulder injury is not a big deal and he can continue to play and win more events. The Euro tour has been very enjoyable to watch for someone new to this game. Good luck to all the NA and EU players going forward!

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