Final Round Highlights, MPO | 2023 Ledgestone Open

Enjoy Round 4 highlights from the MPO broadcast at the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open presented by Merrell!

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Please keep in mind these are condensed highlights from the live broadcast and not meant to be full shot-by-shot coverage of any particular group. For shot-by-shot coverage, head to our partners at Jomez Productions, Gatekeeper Media, and Ace Run Pro.

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41 Replies to “Final Round Highlights, MPO | 2023 Ledgestone Open”

  1. Full live coverage of the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open presented by Merrell is available on Disc Golf Network, subscribe today ->

  2. Nick Ramos says:

    Need to find Matt Orums massive throw in on 18 at northwood

  3. DGN: are you aware that the sync is always off by 1-2 seconds bw commentary and video?

  4. Nathan Yates says:

    The thumbnail is a perfect example of what a winner looks like in my head vs what a winner actually looks like.

  5. I gotta admit discgolf has to be more media coverage on ESPN. Fox. We are the future

  6. You could see it in coles face, kid was locked in. I wanted it for vinnie, but cole stomped

  7. mdizzie17 says:

    anyone know what disc calvin threw for that ace? maybe i can throw better with that disc lmao 😂

  8. There’s no way that kid is 18 😮wow 🕺👍🥏

  9. 218313047 says:

    lets go cole!!!!!!!’🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  10. Oregon boy takes the WIN!!

  11. steve olie says:

    Cole looks like hes 30 and still a teen

  12. shrapnel77 says:

    Two things the DGPA did right:

    1.) Earlier start time.
    2.) A CUT.

    Now, let's make twosomes and threesomes on the final day. Make it happen.

  13. Mike Oz says:

    If Philo commentated every dgn event, I would subscribe twice!

  14. What? No final score at the end? Philo is the best, excellent commentary.

  15. Congrats to Cole! Matching the course records on both courses! What a performance!

  16. Scott S says:

    As someone who came to Oregon and experienced the varied disc golf, wooded holes, bomber open holes.. We're so Proud, Great young man to represent Us

  17. Håvard EHA says:

    Amazing by Cole and Calvin. Holy smokes👏🤙

  18. Dont know if I've ever seen a prettier shot than Calvin's ace.

  19. Casey’s gas station in the background for Calvin’s ace is just so disc golf. I love this sport so much. Nice shot, Calvin!🤣

  20. A worthy winner! He played great all the way from the beginning of round 1.

  21. A flower vase come on man

  22. YESSSSS COLE. All those rounds playing in the rain paid off! 😂 Proud if you bud!! 🌲

  23. Jani Kakka says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha, look at you cole

  24. Flinty! says:

    Calvin's disc looked like it got a redirect from that leaf on that ace lol

  25. Seth Stamy says:

    Philo's disc golf commentary has come so far. I absolutely love listening to you commentate on these important cards. Also, I met you at the Dexter disc golf course for the tim selinki open, and it was an absolute joy getting tips on putting in basically a 1 on 1 setting. Thank you, Philo! Huge fan!

  26. So excited and proud of Cole – what a tournament! Oregon disc golf represent!👏

  27. Marty Modus says:

    Ummm, I could REALLY get used to the Calvin & Cole show! This round was reminiscent of the great Paul & Ricky battles, having two guys just doing amazing throw after amazing throw… Except, instead of leaving the rest of the field well behind, now they're surrounded by a lot of other guys, 2-3 cards deep, who are perfectly capable of keeping up and taking over if there's the slightest yip smell in the air.

    So I'm just sayin', this is such an amazing time to be a Disc Golf fan and I SO appreciate the years of hard work all of these elite players have done to keep raising the bar a little higher. Can't wait to see what the level of competition will be like ten years from now if the growth over the last ten years is any indication.

  28. SERVISONE says:

    Good for the kid! Now can he back that up with multiple wins? We see one off players win now a days but can he be a consistent winner? We'll have to wait and see!

  29. Bruce Ginkel says:

    Cole played out his damn mind this weekend. Keeping it locked on for so long is a testament to this young mans incredible level of mental focus. Esp when the perennial contender Vinny is nipping right at your heels. Bravo!

  30. Cameron W says:

    Someone on the foundation podcast is gonna have to eat some crow about Cole Redalen

  31. Kevin Vicks says:

    Marwede's ace is so slick, what a forehand shot!!

  32. RyonTattoos says:

    wow so stoked for Cole! knew this was coming he has been on fire this season

  33. M B says:

    Cole was absolutely locked in. Insane focus

  34. tj gi says:

    I don't understand why you don't put final scores on these. Where do I even find those? The coverage is great, but without scores at the end it lacks a lot.

  35. Jason Esp says:

    Sick Ace oh sh$t and another one so awesome

  36. Nate Shelden says:

    This entire round was Cole’s victory lap

  37. @DGPT you ruined coverage.
    Don't even give final scores in highlights. Pay to play…. Definitely corporate greed. Set disc golf back 10yrs

  38. Andrew Brown says:

    Great questions, Terry. I stand corrected for this bout.

  39. W Cooley says:

    Calvin didn’t forget when the ranks disrespected him off the #1 player this year!!!

  40. Gotta love when vin shows some emotion on the ace LFG🔥

  41. One of the coolest things is Simon & Proctor being the 1st to congratulate Vinny on that Ace

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