Why do Football Greats like Messi Come to America?

From Pele to Beckham to now Lionel Messi, many legends of football have played in the United States. But why? Why have so many greats of the world’s game decide to play in the one country that values soccer 7th on the totem pole of sports? Well, here is the complete history of all the football greats who have spent time in America.

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Edited by Luis Palmer

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26 Replies to “Why do Football Greats like Messi Come to America?”

  1. There is a lifestyle factor for a player the caliber of Messi that can only be had in the US. The US is one of the only places on the planet where a superstar on his level can walk into that grocery store and not be immediately mobbed by paparazzi, fans, and the like.
    He can continue his playing career and enjoy a level of anonymity due to his stardom being in a sport that isn’t closely followed by everyone there. He’s easily the most talented athlete playing in Miami, but the media will spend a lot more time talking about Tua Tagovailoa than about him.
    That anonymity might be priceless to someone who hasn’t been able to have it since before he started shaving. I think that is a huge factor in why guys come here at the end of their careers. They can earn a big paycheck with relatively low taxes, they won’t be challenged to keep their starting spot, and they can enjoy living like a normal person for a couple of years while they ponder life after retirement.

  2. zarta duka says:

    Zlatan did not play in America. America played in Zlatan.

  3. Mauro says:

    por hollywood y disney que los programan cuando son niños no importa en el pais que nazcas, entonces siempre hay un deseo de pertenecer a la cultura de estados unidos o experimentarla.

  4. zaro33 says:

    😂, I have to say this was the most entertaining video I have watched in YouTube. The guys is giving his opinion based on facts and then gives you a Pokémon comparison that had me in the floor laughing 😂.

  5. Haha Andres Pirlo😂

  6. Onyeka Umeh says:

    King pele started MLS in America so Messi didn’t start

  7. Well, he won Football/Soccer, next thing was going to where they have Disneyland.

  8. Andy Cool says:

    Money, adventure, new experiences – he can return back whenever the contract goes out.

  9. RedPapaG says:

    To get a last payday?

  10. capt truth says:

    Great Video! Really cool to see how far MLS has gone hope Messi can win it all in the states 🙌🙌

  11. @ The Fat Asain great deep dive brother keep up the good work

  12. Me says:

    Its not al halil its al hi-laal btw

  13. 6th says:

    I swear americans are the most ever 😂😂
    As Zaltan previously said go back and watch pezball

  14. Why? Porque es de América, es Argentino caras de japi, América es bastante más que Estados Unidos.

  15. Lerima says:

    That's it.
    Nothing else to discuss besides the poor football level that the US has to offer, it's literally vacations before they retire.

  16. They come for retirement and an easier league to play.

  17. Superstars head to the USA when they're at the end of their career as a way to make one last splash and one last big paycheck. Perhaps Pele thought he might kindle a flourishing of football in the USA and maybe he did at the elementary through high school level, but when Pele arrived the USA was already moving away from Baseball to American Football so, at the professional level, there wasn't much going to happen.

  18. Lucas GR says:

    it's all a plan to know the pitches he will play to make us win back to back Copas Americas and World Cup 😉

  19. Klaus Maus says:

    Money, end of the story.

  20. He should have gone back to his home-club Newells Old Boys in order to finish his career in a country whre football has tradition……Miami what? Even I would score there. He does not need money anymore. Even his great-grandchildren could live on the money he earned.

  21. DarKarma says:

    3:00the caption os crazy

  22. All I hear I players past their prime coming to America and still being as serviceable as the players in their prime in the MLS. When you have to rely on European teams to take your talents to grow your us born players l, you can’t tell me your league is growing. You wouldn’t catch me saying Canadian and Nigerian leagues are growing.

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