Final Round Highlights, MPO | 2023 Mid America Open

Enjoy final round highlights from Harmony Bends in Columbia, MO!

Please keep in mind these are condensed highlights from the live broadcast and not meant to be full shot-by-shot coverage of any particular group. For shot-by-shot coverage, head to our partners at Central Coast Disc Golf.

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44 Replies to “Final Round Highlights, MPO | 2023 Mid America Open”

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  2. jIMdIAMOND says:

    I know the camera guys wana get all the cool shots but probably shouldn’t have been there on Gavin’s missed putt. Directly in his line of sight imo

  3. Penrose says:

    Couldn't be happier for Andrew! Well earned !

  4. PD Derek says:

    Nice top 5 Nikko🎉🎉🎉

  5. PD Derek says:

    What A Tourney Save!
    What A Tourney Save!
    What A Tourney Save!

    Nice work Andrew OCTANE Presnell!

  6. Shirley Mayo says:

    When will Uli and Jerm be back? Sorely needed. Hard to watch the rounds without their commentary 😢

  7. Nate Perkins … dude. Why say that?

  8. Corey F says:

    The one year I don't go! Man congrats Prez!!!

  9. Lawrence says:

    I'm seeing the complaints about the quality and I was going to reply that, "its the best they can do deep in the woods, way out in some of these locations, etc etc".
    But honestly, why is that? I've always thought it was because they're way out in the country and have limited signal. But then I thought about all of the footage I watch of the African plains and how crystal clear that footage is. They're way more remote than any of these tourneys.
    I mean to be honest, disc golf is not easy to watch when it's grainy and poor quality. What's the solution and why aren't they fixing this? Just curious.


  10. Jeff Mateo says:

    Nice 👍 too see freeman best dress disc golf

  11. Austin M says:

    Pretty disappointing ending to a very exciting final round. Losing that way sucks just as much as winning that way. I would bet neither are actually happy with how it went down.

  12. MONKEYBIZ says:


  13. Is it filmed with a microoven? the quality is poor.

  14. Doug Barton says:

    Happy for the winner!

  15. mstrofnone says:

    So stoked for AP! What a well earned win. Proud of you Prez!! 🎉

  16. Aaron Monier says:

    Nikko's fashion sense has evolved nicely since his Gateway days.

  17. Congrats to Andrew! Well deserved.

  18. damn man. some getting to our youngins, just the other day Barella 2x bogey on 17, and gannon missed a putt he does in his sleep. it’s okay tho. learning to be better

  19. josh Smith says:

    Congratulations Andrew!

  20. Craft H2O says:

    Wow! Great event guys

  21. PEDS says:

    Every time I watch a DGPT vid on Youtube I wonder if I need my eyes checked. Then I switch to something else and the video is crystal clear.

  22. Joel Wiebe says:

    At least we didn’t have Philo here calling Presnell. “Andy Prezy”.

  23. Cecil Bowman says:

    I just wanna know how much pressey paid Gannon to miss the putt

  24. Mike Pitts says:

    Good job, Prez. That was very impressive & you deserve it after that sick run on the back 9. Go get you another one, son, while that confidence is soaring!

  25. Greg Snell says:

    Hell yeah Pressy!!!!!

  26. Stoked to see Presnell take it down!

  27. Cameron says:

    sucks for gannon to miss that putt, but he showed a lot of maturity in the way he handled it for someone so young

  28. AmbiEncE says:

    Im glad he got the win with Daddy Caddie.

  29. RockiG says:

    Buhr really needs to eat more and train.

  30. Lol buhr missed 2m put

  31. Taavi Pint says:

    This trophy is meme lol 🤣

  32. Whats up with the quality

  33. Shane Caron says:

    would be so nice if dgpt let jomez do the highlights since their production quality is 100x better

  34. So happy for Pres!!!!

  35. Congrats Andy! Got some angel dust from Finland with you?

  36. Brian Rowe says:

    Presnells shot on 18 up against the tree was nastyyyyy

  37. Mitch Fuchs says:

    Congrats presssss!! Gannon seemed extremely nervous on that last putt. Dude is a beast and was shook over a 15-20’ putt super odd.

  38. Thomas Wiley says:

    PRESSYYYYYYY! earned it dude!

  39. KAVEMAN says:

    does the live coverage have the same video quality as we see here?

  40. Congrats from St. Louis! Congrats Presnell!

  41. Matt S says:

    Can't wait for the next Alden Harris video after Buhr's pressure putt lol

  42. Xzacto says:


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