FlightScope Mevo+ & RCT Balls Review – The Best Home Launch Monitor??

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11 Replies to “FlightScope Mevo+ & RCT Balls Review – The Best Home Launch Monitor??”

  1. Thanks all for watching. Any questions throw them in the comments and I’ll get back to you. subscribe, like and comment 😊

  2. profiledude says:

    David I understand your statement that R10 1/3 of cost of mevo+ , however Garmin cost $99 annually and if add awesome golf that’s another 200-300 dollars plus another $10. / monthly

    So in two years your subscription costs add up to the Mevo+ cost. Granted if you bought the pro pak for $800-1000 (equals another 2 years of Garmin and subscription fees)

    So then question is which is more the most accurate? I hear that mevo+ prefers 7-8 ft behind ball but it then prefers 10-13 feet from ball to screen.

    What is your opinion about accuracy of mevo+ vs R10 with your setup of approximately 16 feet between monitor and screen?

  3. Joe Diamon says:

    Loving the videos, I'm between the r10 and the mevo+. Is the fusion tracking for the mevo+ only if you get the software update pro package? It seems like that really separates the mevo from the r10. Thanks for the hard work.

  4. Greg Hoffman says:

    Great video! What was your distance LM to ball and ball to screen? Thank you!

  5. Thoughts on Mevo+ v. Garmin R10? I have the R10, but I’m not liking the lack of ability to see all the data for all my shots in one spreadsheet like readout…I like to compare different clubs, e.g., I have a set of T100S irons with Project X LZ 6.0 shafts and I want to compare all the data v my T200 irons with AMT White S300 shafts…on the R10 you need to pull up each individual shot to see all the relevant data…Mevo+ seems to have a better software program to review everything afterwards…thoughts?

  6. Great review….would be good to do a side by side with some balls with dots v the RCT balls…(both Pro V1)….

  7. Chris Dixon says:

    What do you make of the acceleration graphs? Friend was telling me it’s great to look at tempo, how “whippy” your clubs are etc

    On the Callaway stripes thing, that would work logically but the radar isn’t seeing the ball, it’s picking up reflected waves and working everything out from there, with the Rct and dots, it will get a ping each time it makes a rotation and can work out the spin from that.

  8. Does the r10 pick up as well as the mevo height for example your 4 iron punch draw/fades

  9. Hi David just got my Garmin R10. I've purchased the net and mat you recommend. What other golf subscription do you recommend ti make R10 more fun. Cheers

  10. KJC says:

    Mevo + is an amazing unit!!!! Rct and Dots are needed for best results…….as it's a RADAR unit!!!! Great results with the RCT!!

  11. Good review like always. Thanks for share. Other comparison can be mevo plus vs garmin r10 using regular balls with metal dot sticker.. thanks again

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