Talking you guys through a 420 Yard Par 4! #golf #shorts

44 Replies to “Talking you guys through a 420 Yard Par 4! #golf #shorts”

  1. Blunt Trauma says:

    No way that ball ended next to the hole talk about a edited last shot

  2. Josh Pierce says:

    "270 carry, not really an issue"…must be nice hitting drives like that. Wouldn't be an issue for me either but thats cuz I wouldn't even reach it

  3. John Adams says:

    Someone has been practicing Hank Haine's Counter Slice Sequence! Way to go, Ben! Keep up the great work.

  4. PattayaK90 says:

    270 carry not a big issue 😅😅😅 99.5% golfers will be lucky to carry 260

  5. Jared W says:

    This dude has the best editing in golf

  6. Keep your right hip back. Major swing flaw

  7. geoff Ck says:

    Sharply dressed which is good

  8. KingDasBoot says:

    “270 carry, not really an issue”
    Yeah same bro… honest

  9. Paul Morales says:

    How tall are you and what length clubs do you use?

  10. D3skern_ says:

    Heh nice

    If u dont get it its like 420 funni number heh funni now gimme all da likes lol

  11. 2 iron off the tee why the hell you need driver there

  12. Your short game is your shorts

  13. So let me get this straight. If you hit a good drive it makes the hole easier? My god man! I’m going to use this strategy on every hole from now on.

  14. I'm a 60° man myself…

  15. Troy Lol says:

    Ben I need help when I’m close to the green and I chip i tense up and get scared to hit the ball is there any way to stop this?

  16. 60 degree coming in like a 9 iron. Release the club.

    Soften up those hands

  17. I saw u at Piedmont. Im cart boy there. I regret not saying hi cause u looked dialed and I didn’t wanna bother u but I love your videos bro.

  18. Srekiy c says:

    the pause is the truth

  19. Ace42 B says:

    Great swing. Want to play for 500 a hole?

  20. Aaron S says:

    Youth always wins.

  21. That hooded 60 was perfect… the better players shot (for that specific scenario) for sure👍🏼

  22. Sean Chan says:

    Play w good good

  23. BD golf says:

    You should you a 3 wood, or any other wood next time, if your playing on this hole.

  24. Mr. Galunga says:

    I also prefer lofted clubs around the green, it's just feels natural for me. But yeah, most people prefer the bump & run, which is something I'm trying to get better at.

  25. Dawson Hoban says:

    The part with no Mic sound way better than your Mic

  26. I agree a good drive makes a whole easier… trouble is "good" and "drive" dont line up when i play golf 😂

  27. DTB says:

    Great swing..great attitude..great player

  28. Have you always had a pause in your swing? I’m trying to get better fluidity in my swing and I’ve heard it’s a great place to start

  29. “When you hit a good drive on this hole it makes it a lot easier”


  30. Jynx says:

    Are we not gonna talk about how fresh that teebox looks

  31. Azka says:

    that pause is mad impressive

  32. Lucas Magoon says:

    Ben you gotta start doing 18 hole videos for the people

  33. What ding dong setup that tee box?

  34. When you can hit it 325 yards down the middle it really makes the game a lot easier.

  35. Love the pause. Just getting into golf and I always pause because of you. Thanks for the videos!

  36. Patty Dodero says:

    absolutely love the pause

  37. mxxgaming_ says:

    Love you big inspiration

  38. Bajo boy says:

    Great up and down!

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