Florida State all bark, no bite | ACC preseason voting | Wyndham Championship | OVIES + GIGLIO

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00:00 – Live to tape from Sedgefield Country Club in search of the #ACC Grant of Rights
7:00 – ACC preseason #collegefootball voting is on point, but different from #Vegas odds
15:30 – Is #FloridaState leaving the ACC or not? Making sense of all blustering coming from the #Seminoles
36:30 – Fat Perez teaches Giglio how to be a #golf influencer
53:30 – Chatting with a 50 year member of Sedgefield
1:03:00 – Sedgefield Director of Golf Eric Ferguson
1:09:00 – Bobby Powell, Wyndham Tournament Director
1:20:00 – CW and PGA Tour Radio’s Tom Werme
1:30:30 – #HeyJoe


10 Replies to “Florida State all bark, no bite | ACC preseason voting | Wyndham Championship | OVIES + GIGLIO”

  1. John Kindle says:

    Sorry, guys, FSU is leaving. Do you really think they would be this public about leaving without already having a landing spot? C'mon. It won't be until the 25 or 26 season, though. BTW, The B1G does not require AAU membership for admittance. Keep up.

  2. Fsu drive more eyeballs even when they suck, fsu in now established with a proper coaches and players. If big 10 don’t pick them up sec will. It is eminent, because and NIL made it an arms race to make more money for players. Now inflation is causing all this to rapidly change hence all the conference realignment.

  3. Whatever law firm convinces FSU to challenge this deserves a medal for salesmanship.

    Also interesting is how no one in FSU's Board of Trustees meeting mentioned using increased media revenue to give back to the institution or increasing its number of athletic teams (FSU fields only 20 teams [530 athletes], which is comparably small). The argument was all about competing vs 'just playing games', building facilities, and alleviating the burden on its boosters.
    Lots of people stand to financially benefit from decisions that turn once proud programs into cannon fodder: let's hope those advocating for such changes get their comeuppance.

    It should also be noted that the renovations at Doak S. Campbell Stadium will reduce its capacity, currently at 79,560, removing about 10,000 seats. Given how well FSU home games are attended in down years, (2019: averaged 54,019), this might be a smart move.

  4. BayPack says:

    If FSU fails miserably this season they will look like idiots. Basketball is already trying to to recover from a dumpster fire of a season.

  5. OG podcast all blah, no insight

  6. FJA243 says:

    how is it bark if the actual president says "we will have to consider leaving the acc" in front of board. They basically said we may announce our exit for 2024 in 15 days or we may announce our exit for 2025 after 15 days.

  7. Brad Daniels says:

    A few thought's on Florida State…put up or shut up! Go be like Maryland and disappear…Bye Felicia!

  8. Here for the Vito Giglio content.

  9. FWIW: Florida State was a combined 26-33 and without a winning season in the ACC between 2017-21. I don't think the latest media rights deals for the Big 10 and SEC were their biggest issue.

  10. Who is this Hall Monitor Fart Knocker in the background to start this show? Move along Bleephead! You are giving the show bad vibes!

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