FNAF RUIN: Repairing the Animatronics Secret ENDING

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8 new screenshots for Five Nights at Freddy;s Security Breach RUIN DLC were just tevealed during Dawko’s charity livestream. In this video we take a look at each and every one and break them down with a quick analysis. Escape RUIN ECLIPSE Security Breach DLC GAMEPLAY With everything happening in the FNAF community surrounding the Ruin DLC, between the Mimic and Eclipse, the highly requested Choose Your Guardian DLC has been put to the side. But in this video with the help of Space Bear I will uncover how the Ruin DLC could actually be a choose your guardian DLC in disguise, where we will be working with Roxanne wolf to navigate through the destroyed pizzaplex. Did we just solve the FNAF Ruin DLC?

From mechanics and her design we will see if these changes actually mean anything when combined with the Ruin teaser we received from Steel Wool a year ago with some very important, but forgotten details. The new Security Breach: Ruin teaser has come out and seemingly revealed the plethora of Ruined Animatronics we’ll be confronting in the upcoming dlc!… But something’s… off. Let’s take a look and see why something doesn’t feel right about what should be familiar faces.

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33 Replies to “FNAF RUIN: Repairing the Animatronics Secret ENDING”

  1. Instead of repairing Monty's legs, why not get Monty's hands and use them to repair Bonnie?

  2. KennyVR says:

    Actually what happened to bonnie is vanny killed bonnie and Monty had a good connection with him and that's why Monty has anger issues because he wants bonnie back

  3. Mage-of-duck says:

    I found a probably known ending where you just leave the building in the beginning through the way you the player go in throughand gives the credits so yeah that’s probably one

  4. I hope this stuff gets added and a new ending gets unlocked. In the main game, I thought it was a shame that our only option was to destroy the other animatronics, that repairing them wasn't an option (like, instead of just Freddy using those parts to get through the game, you could have the other Animatronics show up to help you, kind of like how in past Pokemon Games you can have Pokemon use HM moves to get to otherwise unreachable places). An option to repair them would be a great addition.

  5. Mr.incognito says:

    Brazil ending I believe means the scooper ending like it’s a different way of saying it

  6. q33on says:

    Your videos are sooooo Bingeable !!!! Love them

  7. After getting under par in Monty golf o noticed he wasn't chomping at the gate later on like he usually is. I did accidentally set off glitch trap so maybe it just messed up thr timing or location of Monty but its still something to mention i think

  8. I only thought you could get chica’s voice box only?

  9. Wako Doodle says:

    I wonder if the ending is ready to ship, but was removed because it had a secret that revealed something from help wanted 2?

    So to build hype for it, they held onto it until closer to it's release so it wouldn't spoil it too soon. Just like how help wanted 1 hinted to security breech in its dlc.

    (which was a mall being built in the distance and a strsnge bunny mask you get)

  10. Zega says:

    My theory on the “none” ending is in regards to fixing Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy. There’s an unused map where you walk into a room with those three with a piece of cake on a table in front. We fix chica with a voice box, we fix bonnie by deactivating all the wet floor bots, we’re missing Freddy at this point.

  11. Help wanted is gonna be the continuation of Cassie’s story I think

  12. KittenLunch says:

    I think you’d also need to turn off Bonnie by turning off all the pat pat bots for it to count as it “fixing all of the animatronics”

  13. Kababuo says:

    they srsly cut every cool thing out

  14. Btw the last ending is u leaving the pizzaplex at the start

  15. Hmm… I’m curious
    If we were to repair Freddy
    Do you think it’s possible we could take his eyes and then exchange them for another animatronics eyes? Say Glammrock Bonnie wherever his corpse may be then give Freddy’s eyes back to Roxy?

  16. Found the ending
    Step 1 start the game
    Step 2 hop through the hole cassie when through to get into the pizza plex
    Step 3 go down the stairs
    So the "none" means you got an ending by playing "none" of the game
    I know buzz kill, but even with this let down you have a good point: why are we only able to fix chica? Personally I think it's a foreshadowing for an update, likely bringing up the endings to 6 so it matches the base game each ending would be determined by who you repair but I also theorize chica's repair won't matter which is why it was left in as it wouldn't spoil the new endings in the update
    And my final Longshot theory is Monty will be repaired via a gocart instead of his legs

  17. Isiah Stile says:

    @Internet Inferno are they still working on the FNAF security ruin I want to see more chapters.

  18. guy guy says:

    The evidence feels semi cope. “You got here on your own two legs silly” is taken exceedingly out of context in my mind.

  19. When I saw Sun and Moon being rebooted to fuse them into Eclipse I thought this was going to be how the story played out, Gregory defeating the animatronics by breaking them and Cassie neutralizing them by repairing and rebooting them

  20. Koi says:

    I’ve always thought that Bonnie was replaced by Monty and given his own bowling alley. But Monty is very aggressive, and for some reason attacked Bonnie at one point. But I just had this idea. What if Bonnie (after being replaced and getting the bowling alley) was the first animatronic to get hacked, and Monty noticed something was off and attacked him

  21. So if this ending gets update bonnine should be fixxed right

  22. fearzerionxz says:

    the 4th ending is u just walking out of the pizza plex lol would be cool tho

  23. Monty killed bonnie though methinks

  24. MARMAJE69 says:

    Dlc for the dlc?

  25. zaghst says:

    Why Brazil a ending is it because Brazil is all about having multiple friends to kill someone or something

  26. XClACIX says:

    Looks like roxy raceway needs a driver

  27. Drakezombie says:

    I feel like if this was the case, dataminers would have found the secret items or conditions to get these items. So far no one has.

    Also if the 4th ending was indeed meant to be the ending for repairing them, shouldn't it be called good ending or savior ending or something along those lines?

    The fact that they specifically named it None makes me think it's a placeholder ending that's not meant to actually be accessed, but rather used for testing. (Probably to make sure going to different areas correctly activates the correct ending.)

  28. Fanvoid says:

    What if the "none" ending is ending the game without collectibles???

  29. Chron Red says:

    wait wait wait-when you put Glamrock Chica's voice box back her eyelights actually move in a blinking motion

  30. Can't wait for Matpat to credit you in his next theory

  31. Nixxie says:

    Personally, I think the Gator Golf ride telling you Monty's backstory is a cover up. Even if Monty hated Freddy more than anything, if he truly admired Bonnie, I don't think he'd hurt him, even to get at and hurt Freddy. I genuinely think it's what the staff thought up to cover for Bonnie being decommissioned. There's even a note you pick up detailing that if any customers/families ask what happened to Bonnie, they are to avoid telling them. To me, it seems very unlikely that Monty actually adored Bonnie and only broke him to hurt Freddy. Hate and anger are strong emotions, but would they really be stronger than whatever you feel towards the one that gave up their position in the band for you? It just doesn't add up if that was truly his backstory.
    Also, I think the ending truly is cut. I do think that they were going for an ending where you repair the animatronics, but they cut it due to time constraints. Either there will be another few DLCs that have you repair Monty, Roxy, and Freddy, or there will be a full on sequel.

  32. No Bonnie repairing in the game 🙁

  33. K Zessenger says:

    Maybe glamrock Bonnie's eyes? Because he is kinda unrepairable. And the glitch makes it so you have to cheat to find his body… but maybe if they fix that we can finish deactivating the children, take his eyes, then place them in Roxy at the same moment where we would have deactivated her?

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