Full Rd. 2 Highlights: Bryson makes big move | LIV Golf Greenbrier

Full highlights from the second round of LIV Golf Greenbrier, where a star-studded leaderboard has taken shape through two days of play.

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41 Replies to “Full Rd. 2 Highlights: Bryson makes big move | LIV Golf Greenbrier”

  1. James Benton says:

    "Oh look he's on a fairway" 😆

  2. James Taylor says:

    Way to go Bryson ,hope you win my friend.❤

  3. Unsuitable says:

    What if the scoreboard where the LIV Golf logo sits had a background unique to the courses. It could be the theme of club or score card or anything that is distinct for the course. It would help tie in the course to the UI. Could also add numbers or tick markers to represent how many times the course had a LIV event.

    With that said, the current colors have high visibility so a simple border running down the sides of the scoreboard would suffice. Then add the course name right under the LIV golf logo. That would be a more subtle approach.

  4. Robert Brown says:

    This has been bugging me for a while. Why? Why, when you're watching someone put, say the score on the screen is -5, after the player putts it in for a birdie the score doesn't go to -6, it stays at -5? Seems like it would be much better to show the score before the putt. You lose the excitement of someone sinking a putt when you realize the score you see on the screen is AFTER they made the putt that you are watching. So after the birdie, the score remains the same. Like, say the player is putting for an eagle, sinks the putt and the score remains the same. Saw this happen not too long ago. Frustrating.

  5. T says:

    I laugh at how much of a joke this tour has become. Nobody cares who wins, they just mess around the entire time.
    How the hell is this appealing? 😂

  6. Jkbone says:

    Show some Bryson driver shots please!!! Same with Wolff. Those guys are special off the tee

  7. Jkbone says:

    Wing Foot 2020 US Open rematch! 🐺 vs 👨‍🔬🧪

  8. chrave1956 says:

    ‘Continuity of Government’ comment ?

  9. rob bob says:

    Awful 'highlight' coverage… Title says 'Bryson makes big move' – didnt see anything other than him putting…!!!
    Not really the thing we want to watch… – BOOMING DRIVES!!
    But it wasnt just Bryson on the Greens – must have been 90% was waiting for people putting and then the ball going into the cup….

  10. H says:

    Did they get rid the 'Military Tribute at the Greenbrier' event on the PGA Tour?

  11. essexman1957 says:

    No one gives a sh**

  12. Grimm says:

    Gonna need a Bryson only highlight after the weekend.

  13. Danny Rand says:

    LIV is here to stay. Get rid of Greg Norman if you must but keep LIV around in perpetuity. Somebody get me that Highflyer's hat, lol.

  14. Pereira had a -8 and was never shown in the highlights.. seems like a biased summary

  15. TJ Pindar says:

    They need to stop wearing the short pants, makes them look silly.

  16. Love Brooks Koepka but, I want Matthew to beat his ass so bad tomorrow and win the whole thing….

  17. Josh D says:

    Bryson Destraightbo

  18. Y’all got to fix that cup noise….it rattles around like it’s in a wooden salad bowl. I’ve never heard a cup like that 🥴

  19. Chjael says:

    Yes Bryson 🍀 lets go

  20. RexyBing says:

    I feel bad for the PGA pawns who hate blindly on LIV and miss some phenomenal golf by the world's best

  21. mac moore says:

    3 2 3 y o o o o o o o o o o o o o 🏳️

  22. Liv is catching fire lately. Great golf

  23. Dingle051554 says:

    Mito shoots 8 under. No highlights. ??

  24. John Paton says:

    Bryson firing on all cylinders.

  25. Mike M says:

    Attended and had a great time today . These guys are crazy good

  26. isambo400 says:

    Hope Matt or Bryson win tomorrow

  27. David Mather says:

    Time for Kafka to eat his words!

  28. Wow. Those crowds…

  29. LabGorilla says:

    Come on wolfieee! The final day is going to be so hard. That leaderboard is stacked.

  30. BldgWha7 says:

    LIV: the Tour of has beens, have nots and nobodies

  31. GoogleSucks says:

    Great highlights Liv Golf!!!

  32. Zyzz_reborn says:

    This is so much better then pga

  33. Chris Mulder says:

    first time i watch this on you tube. Loud music and golf professionals with shorts on????? it is not more golf like the old days anymore. Just fat golffans with beer.

  34. Would like to watch these rounds on tv however Direct TV is in a contract dispute with the CW and it seems to be unavailable since sometime in July.

  35. Go Range Goats 🐐

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