230808 – Swing Notes 1 front side slow motion

*post impact: when clubshaft and left arm are ALIGNED pointed 45 degrees to the right of the target line post impact, the clubshaft should be perpendicular to the hips (from sky view down). Address ball in post impact position, then take normal stance, swing to post impact thru the ball.

*critical for intent: SWING left arm HORIZONTALLY and LOW with the ground plane. ONLY IF club path is cutting out to in too much then when initiating the backswing keep left arm and clubshaft ALIGNED and TURN the left hand glove logo slightly DOWN to the ground, OTHERWISE this can be left subconscious and not in the swing thought. Address take weaker left hand grip, ALIGN clubshaft just INSIDE and LOWER than the left shoulder.


Short Game:

Chip with the eyes, see the line from clubface to the hole.
For bumps use putting stroke in feel.
For long range pitch use putting stroke in feel.
For soft squishy lie use bunker swing.
Putt with the eyes, see the line from Putter face to hole.


Open face at address such as 45 degrees open AND Hit it fat. Same as the short game listed in full swing but open club face for bounce and try to hit the shot fat but with a full swing. SMACK the sand and hit fat.

Shape shots:
Use foot pressure to shape the shots, 3 arcs: outside arc, middle arc, inside arc. When weight is mid foot the clubhead travels along the middle arc. When weight is at balls of foot the clubhead travels along the outside arc. When weight is in the heels the clubhead travels along the inside arc. On backswing put pressure in right heel, INITIATE downswing with pressure in the right heel, this makes the club travel inside longer.


Taylormade SIM 10.5, AD DI 7x
Taylormade SIM 3w, AD DI 8x
Tarlormade P770 3i, Tensei White HY100tx
Miura MB-101 PW-4i, KBS Tour Custom Black 130x
Cleveland ZIPCore 52, 56, 60, DG TI Onyx x100
Seemore Tri Mallet 33.5″ center shafted, superstroke gt pistol tour
MLA Tour xDream Barry Lane LE, 31″ 69 degree lie, single bend half shaft offset (alternative putter)


Note swing notes are personal and not intended for anything instructional. I have been posting as a swing diary for 3 or so years and will continue to do so. Friends and acquaintances including subscribers do watch these videos. Watch at your own discretion. Thanks!



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