Full Tour Of Large Electric Vehicle Event! This Is Tesla Takeover 2023

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Tesla Takeover was a fun event, here’s a tour of the vendors and the event space!

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47 Replies to “Full Tour Of Large Electric Vehicle Event! This Is Tesla Takeover 2023”

  1. nidog says:

    Great video. I felt like I was there. Great job highlighting the little guys. #EVJECT is brilliant

  2. G V says:

    Tenet offers ev financing.

  3. Peter Harris says:

    I’ve been waiting for some guy to show out…. already 💁

  4. John Poldo says:

    Aptera, please change the door window stop. It is at eye level, obstructing view in both directions. Not only is it ugly, it is a safety hazard, especially when looking left.

  5. John Poldo says:

    We’re any stage discussions recorded for viewing later? How can we see some?

  6. John Poldo says:

    Why was it named “Tesla Take-Over”? What are they taking over?

  7. <I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium stock, any advice on any other stock that I can grow my $200k capital to a million dollars?

  8. tazeat says:

    Living out of a model Y? lol. So many better options for the money, but whatever makes you happy lol

  9. Tom Rybold says:

    that what you are kyle inffulencer and a creator contrxt

  10. Good to see you again, any other similar events you’d recommend making the drive from MN for? It was a very nice drive and fun to connect with other creators

  11. 20:02: Dark Helmet is not the fastest EV on Pikes Peak, that would be VW ID.R @ 7mins 57secs 😇

  12. Malexion says:

    Definitely need better tesla colors, love the wrap on the Taycan

  13. eautobahn29 says:

    Awesome! Is there any info you have on the crap glued-foam that is in EV tires? I have delaminating foam in my Tesla tires, making for massive vibration. Is this widespread? Or only in Michelin? Find it hard to believe the great Michelin can’t figure this out. There is little info out there-ppl are getting stiffed, having to buy new tires. I had Tesla rip the rest of the foam out-they didn’t charge me, so it’s an issue!

  14. So I am betting EV fast charging in that area was a nightmare this weekend. 🤣

  15. Greg Pochet says:

    All White Teslas should have been banned from this event.

  16. M Beliv says:

    hummer EV ???? hahaha can't stop laughing Pick up for loser hahaha

  17. EVJECT – why not integrate a spring, that pushes the cable out?

  18. Kangenpower7 says:

    Those break away connectors are very needed for charging a car, and probably should be built into the car, so that they thieves can not attack the people charging at a station.

    For this company, I would offer this advice. Make the device (just 1) out of silver instead of copper, and see what the voltage loss and heat does. I would guess the conductor is going to offer very low voltage loss. However putting 4 ounces of silver in a bussbar system is not actually practical for a production model. Then experiment with a high silver content copper connection. And see what the voltage loss is, and the resistance in miliohms. Yes they do make meters that measure resistance in 1/1000 ohms.

    One time I was camping in my RV and plugged into a bad RV park receptacle for the 30 amp cord. I have a 120 volt digital meter in my RV, and was taking a nap, and it was about 100F outside, so I was running the A/C unit. I noticed the voltage was low, I think about 105, and decided to get out my voltage booster, shut off the A/C and the voltage returned to 120. So I went out and checked the RV cord, it was Very hot. So I guess I was drawing about 15 amps through it, and the voltage loss was 15 volts. So that is 15 amps X 15 volts, or a heater making 225 watts of heat! When they melted the aluminum bussbars in the test device, they where using high resistance metal, and the silver is a very low resistance metal, a copper with normal content is fairly low resistance, while a high silver content will offer less resistance. You just need to get the material right, between soft copper, nickel to make the copper retain it's shape, and silver to offer low resistance and make voltage loss the best it can be. I plugged into a 50 amp receptacle with a 30 amp adapter, and plugged my RV in and the voltage drop was very small with my adapter, so it was the RV park plug that was bad, not my cord.

    Very simple system to avoid overheating. You have that cut off system already built into the adapter. Make a thermal disk, rated at say 145F or whatever you desire, and then trip the power cut off at that temperature rating. If you are charging, and the adapter overheats, then it will trip out automatically. You let it cool for a few minutes, or put a wet rag on it, then reset and keep charging, or on a very hot day, take off the adapter.

    At 400 volts, and 200 amps (that is 80,000 watts) if there is a 1 volt drop across your adapter, that is a 200 watts of resistance. So voltage loss must be kept well below 0.001 volts to keep it cool.

    Another thing. I guess that most of the EV charger cords are all less than 3 years old at this point. So the connectors are still really new and clean. Once they start to age, like the RV park power cord mentioned above, they can corrode, and cause a voltage loss, and. that small voltage loss can cause the connector to overheat, causing a lot more corrosion and over heating! It might be required to have a cord connector cleaner or way to polish the connections if they start to show signs of corrosion.

    Plugging your car into a cord that overheats easy due to corrosion, and then your car connection can be damaged, and then start to cause the next charger you plug into to overheat and become bad. Sort of like a infection of the power cords!

  19. Victor Lopes says:

    EVJECT is super needed!!!!

  20. Michael Bent says:

    1:07 where's the light show?

  21. Rheingold says:

    The Aptera was the highlight of the Tesla Takeover event for me.

  22. SuperJacknyc says:

    25:00 through 25:30, Cyber Hooligan's CyberRoadster rolls past. 🙂

  23. The whole event looks like a big waste of time from the Aptera on down. The ejection adapter surely hopes to get bought by an OEM as a safety feature but isn't likely to happen until people start getting murdered first. A 3-wheeled motorcycle is dead on arrival for the masses.

  24. Reef Club says:

    I like the Campstream A/C solution.

  25. Driven Dave says:

    Such a fun event! Thanks for having me tag along, Kyle! I always learn so much from you.

  26. C A says:

    Great walk thru, agree with you on the Hanshow products. Had their H6 screen for about a month and unit does not provide OTA updates or WIfi capable as shown in their advertising. Unit fails randomly and also when pressing the right scroll wheel when trying to use voice commands. Unit would not see usb thumb drive to try and update firmware. Hansshow's technical support is a joke, stay away and save your money.

  27. Kyle K says:

    Where were the clips from the light show mentioned at the start?

  28. Ernest Z says:

    Thanks, Colton, David, and Kyle, for a great run through on Tesla Takeover! I was there, arriving Friday afternoon and leaving SLO on Monday morning. You all did a great job of giving a detailed overview of the event!

    Hello to David, who I enjoyed chatting with over lunch – and I had no idea who he was. Great guy!

  29. Chris from Aptera was awesome hope to hear from him more in the future!

  30. Ernest Z says:

    Re: Concept products. That’s EXACTLY how I feel about predictions and “leaks” and all those sorts of things that plague YouTube!

    Yes! Tell me about what IS, not what may be… Anyone can spin whimsical tales about what things (Tesla) may be in 3, 5, or 10 years. I need to know what is going on right now.

    Excellent video! I enjoyed listening to your talk in the panel at Tesla Takeover in SLO and meeting Colton there on Friday evening.

    Great content!

  31. Does the EVject car have an emergency stop on the rear glass?

  32. No need for yoke or cluster on a 3/Y

  33. Ron B says:

    Hi Kyle, it was great to see you there at the show. I watched this whole video and was hoping to see some of the light show and maybe some drone footage, but it appears it did not get put onto the end of the video. 😮

  34. First R Last says:

    Space Camper looks like it could be great. That’s exactly what I was wanting. I was actually drawing a design for something like that for the Cybertruck last time I was camping haha. Just got a reservation. Thanks for showing everything

  35. TDB says:

    We drove by this Fri night and Sunday in our Rivian but didn't realize what was going on. Had we known all that cool stuff was going on and Kyle and Colten were there we would have stopped!!!

  36. J* says:

    E.M. is a supervillain in disguise…

  37. Love seeing the same car just a little smaller or bigger everywhere 😂. Honestly this event seems fun but just seeing the same Tesla over and over makes it feel bland 😂

  38. F the Pump says:

    Always great seeing you Kyle! Great summary vid!

  39. Kyle can you please upset the description with links to all of the vendors who were there?

  40. There is ZERO chance I will spend 1 hour and 17 minutes to see, at most, 20± minutes of meaningful content. Please, lord, learn how to use video editing software.

  41. 15:26 It’s amazing that there is one thing everyone hates about the plaid and this guy is here selling that thing to non plaid owners.

  42. D Smith says:

    Worth watching just to hear the EVJECT CEO talk about the charge cable 'eject' product.

  43. Trevor Ross says:

    The stealth wrap on the model Y plus the rims are looking sick. The Evject is cool too.

  44. Aptera makes zero sense at the $35k price when you can get a model 3 for $32k.

  45. Josh Gubbini says:

    18:33 did Kyle just try to give Colton a reach around ? 😂😂 justttt kidding love you guys

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