Epic 1v1 Walmart Golf Challenge…it all came down to this random item

This video was mad fun to make! I hope y’all enjoy it! Be sure to check out @benhaddengolf for the 2nd half of this match. Thank you for watching and hope you all are having a blessed day! Much Love!


21 Replies to “Epic 1v1 Walmart Golf Challenge…it all came down to this random item”

  1. gbiscuits says:

    props for battling it out in this Texas heat!

  2. Hey bubbie love good good just played our monthly medal today in Eden Australia i won it playing your style no worries every shot i can work with that best I've felt on the golf course and im 61 years old love your attitude thanks mate

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Ben.

  4. Matt Oliver says:

    Bubbie my man, English man here. Just watched you play with Rick. All I want to say is you are the most polite gentleman I've ever seen.

  5. I donated to TimTheTatman the other day and said that I would LOVE to see a colab between you and him because you guys are my two favorite content creators. He said “dude I’m all for it we just gotta link up but I’m ready we he is.” This is the content we NEED! Loved this video btw!

  6. Grdfishing says:

    Bubbie and Ben are the duo we need . I wanna see y’all take on bob does sports , garret and Steve , Matt and brad ,

  7. love ayo – so dry and funny

  8. Mogens Olsen says:

    I don't know why you guy's feel you have to come up with these stupid gimmicks. We all love watching you play regular competitive matches.

  9. Ian Down says:

    Happy birthday Ben 🎂

  10. Crazy I was just at that Walmart getting golf balls.

  11. Dodger Dunn says:

    Happy birthday Ben! Love bubbie and you playing golf together, one the best combos on YT.

  12. Robert Hern says:

    This could be and amazing challenge, tightened up a little bit..!!

  13. Brian Horton says:

    bubbie donate the kids club to a good organization that promotes golf for kids after you are done.

  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes everybody! And great video idea bubs 🎣

  15. Happy Birthday Ben

  16. Great video…. Love the vibes …much fun

  17. Bubbie stop with these stupid faces already , don't know why youre trying to be someone you are not . Just act normal, you look like an absolute clown everytime you do these stupid "shocked" faces . Be better

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