Gareth Bale's agent rules out Wrexham move

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Gareth Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett has dismissed reports that Bale could come out of retirement to play for Wrexham.

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30 Replies to “Gareth Bale's agent rules out Wrexham move”

  1. Gandalf says:

    The golf clubs just ain't all that sadly wrexham fans…

  2. Best British footballer ever 😂

  3. The Welsh PARASITE 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. beerguy177 says:

    about as likely as me having sex with beyonce never gonna happen

  5. Hræfn Cyng says:

    He’s retired from football. He’ll certainly continue to promote the male and female Welsh athletes that’s for sure. Cardiff City (Women) are in the Champions League next season. Wales Women are in the European Nations League. Wales men can qualify for the Euros. Then there’s all the men and women’s Welsh teams who play in the English Leagues.

  6. Peter Ruff says:

    I am actually shocked Gareth Bale was all about getting Baby Wrexham from League 2 to the Premier League.

  7. Jay GC says:

    The BEST British footballer EVER?

  8. d.b.cooper1 says:

    Bale will put his back out golfing one day. Such potential gone to waste but covered up by him being a 'nice lad & abuse from spaniards.

  9. We don't need him in football again and there's no way he is gonna even comeback

  10. O D says:

    Isn't Bale from Cardiff surely he would go their I'd he was going back to Wales

  11. Hey Jonathan Barnett

  12. dazzaMusic says:

    Why would Bale go to league 2 football he’s WAY above that level.

  13. Kane Wright says:

    Not signing Bale, not a big loss. Probably a plus!

  14. Just Brandon says:

    "Best british footballer ever" is such an insane statement

  15. Who’s bothered ?
    Wrexham are a fine old club, but are turning into a circus act.

  16. just let him play his golf

  17. e' L says:

    Here's the guy whom along with Modric and Kroos carried Madrid to Champions leagues not that stat-padding rat in Desert league..Before he went to Al-Nassr, they were topping their league but now they can't even score against Old women and chickens..The worst of it all is that he tries to sneak out when the club is going down instead of staying to help..If Al-Nassr hold onto him, I bet he will request for another stupid interview with his clown buddy..FRAUD!!

  18. Ducbery says:

    Imagine doing golf lmao.

  19. Sheik says:

    He must be loving it having Camavinga as he got about two transfers left in him… Agent fees 🤑

  20. Conner. says:

    How stupid is this ?? Pathetic statement….

  21. Samet Özkan says:

    Should've been moved to Saudi Arabia with CR7

  22. To busy on the golf courses now

  23. Bale to Wrexham 🙈🙈🙈

  24. Graham Hill says:

    Thank christ we dont have to see that man bun again in action

  25. Nintendope says:

    Just imagine….

  26. Messi and Ronaldo going to be joining Wrexham now 💀

  27. He will if Wrexham offer him golf

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