Thanks so much for watching guys! I Hope this showed you more about what these Apple AirTags can do and also all the various Tips Tricks and Hidden Features they have!

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36 Replies to “Apple AirTags | TIPS TRICKS & HIDDEN FEATURES!!”

  1. I’ll get on for my electric kick scooter 🛴💨. I have a small pouch on front and can drop one inside. So if it gets stolen or impounded by Police 👮‍♀️ (they’re illegal in UK), I can find it 🤗

  2. Antonis says:

    Quick question: how did you add the box with the 4 favorites contacts on top of your screen on 1:44? I tried to do it from widgets but it doesn’t look the same :/

  3. I track my boss with mine. I can them go where she isn’t.

  4. mike hobson says:

    i do not trust this at all. I have seen where people have had their cars stollen and makes me wonder how many women have had this put on them unknowingly then kidnapped & used in the sex trade. technology SUUUUUX. just like alexa, my roommate had an alexa and it was connected to of course wifi and a neighbor down the street knew the browsing habits of my roommate because of amazon sidewalk and people cannot accept that this is ad dangerous as it is helpful if not more so

  5. Hi Hayls. Thx for sharing your expertise. I will put one on my glasses there is a dedicated accessorie for this…and one on my watch ..😉also.

  6. Nice video but I have many AirTag and none shows direction finder ? I only have options to ping or map , is there something I’m missing ? Thanks for any responses !

  7. 2:42 I didn't realize the Siri aspect of finding your AirTag, interesting. I actually use my AirTag when I send my son packages here in the United States because he lives far away. What I do is stick the AirTag in a self addressed envelope and put it in the box on top. When my son gets his box, he opens the box and simply puts the envelope with the AirTag inside back into the mail so it comes back to me until I send him another box.

    I actually have an AirTag right now in Australia that has travelled over 55,000 miles. It started off in the United States then went to Japan, Australia, Canada, Qatar and back to Australia. I am currently waiting to get the AirTag back but the person that has it is out of town until July. Pretty cool experiment that I am trying.

    Anyway nice video!

  8. Sam Quinn says:

    If you put the tag on the outside of the bag and it gets stolen, the thief would just rip it off and throw it in the trash. Smart thing would be to place it inside your bag inside the lining.

  9. FutbolPro101 says:

    You don't openly tag your baggage with the thing hanging out like a baggage tag.
    You hide it inside the baggage while traveling

  10. Thank you for the great tips! I learned a lot I didn’t know!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Are the tags useful for someone who finds or someone takes them off your luggage?🙀🇮🇲

  12. robert shaw says:

    Keys and luggage are our two uses.

  13. Gaby says:

    Can I use this AirTag to attach to my dog,s collar in case he run away from leash ?please someone answer if there is a different way to activate.?thank you

  14. Jan Pippin says:

    This is great!!!!

  15. If you put an AirTag in your car and it gets stolen, when you set to lost mode, put in the local police station number. If the thief decides to call you to say "Haha, I found your tag" then the police will now have the thief's number 🤣

  16. beary man says:

    Yes u are right! I bought some not knowing this but using sandpaper on that side does make them usable 😜

  17. beary man says:

    Great video. Not sure if it’s mentioned in the comments but keep in mind that the Duracel child prove batteries don’t work on these AirTags. BUT the solution for that is…. Sandpaper that protective layer off !! 😜

  18. tgilldesign says:

    It does NOT make a loud sound….very faint sound actually

  19. dcbour says:

    if you are putting on a bike, hide it so it is not obvious should someone steal the bike.

  20. OIFVET2003 says:

    I put one on my 1. Quad
    2. all 3 vehicles
    3. my motorcycle
    4. keys.

  21. Snippy43 says:

    Just watched this whole thing thinking she would tell us the radius of

  22. deepdive2008 says:

    Shame there’s a huge design fault that it can’t be shared with family if my phone and keys (with the AirTag) is lost or stolen. The tag can only be attached to one Apple ID with no family sharing whereas the phone can be shared. I wouldn’t have purchased has I had known this

  23. Colin says:

    Tips & hidden trick these are all standard features and nothing hidden tips/tricks she just showed how to use all the standard features! Idiot

  24. if people steal from you and they find the AirTAg they can easily take the batteries out of them this is why its important that you hide them very good and not have them in plain site

  25. C Gustaff says:

    Is it possible to share locations with other people? thanks

  26. Hi
    Good video

  27. Nashid77 says:

    You should redact the words "Hey, Siri".

  28. Lux Pursuits says:

    Find the air tag without the bag

  29. Drew Ellis says:

    In your idea of putting one in your car. I like the idea to put one in something you would want to track if it were stolen. But I've noticed with my airtags, that it will notify someone else's smart phone if it's travelling with them. That kind of defeats the purpose. How can you turn off this feature? or any ideas with this?

  30. Jo W. says:

    I’m fine buying a holder, but do I need to attach the holder to the outside of my bag? Can I keep it securely inside my bag? Thanks.

  31. Klydie G. says:

    I'm buying this for my 4 year old son 😀

  32. caleb barnes says:

    Lost my AirTag was able to put it on lock mode till I found it someone put it on top of the fridge in the grocery store. People are weird.

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