Georgia camp is OFF AND RUNNING | Matt Godwin on Dawgs' EVALS | Georgia Bulldogs football

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7 Replies to “Georgia camp is OFF AND RUNNING | Matt Godwin on Dawgs' EVALS | Georgia Bulldogs football”


  2. James Bond says:

    Who wants to win versus who wants to get paid—that is what recruiting season is now. AKA who wants to be a Dawg and who doesn’t think they can cut it. UGA isn’t for everyone and we should be okay with that. Appreciate the kids who embrace the grind and put in the work and become Georgia legends and DGDs.

  3. Regardless of QB outcome the backup also has to be ready in a moments notice.

  4. KJ to Auburn that's what I heard tonight immediate playing time starter

  5. Wes, please don't leave the comments up so long. Suggest maybe automatically set them to stay on 10 seconds. Some you leave on for minutes. That's way too long . And, please make them smaller. They interfere with seeing you guys fully. And,when you're displaying other graphics, it's always in the way. It's way too dominant, especially when the commenters big mugs are there, we have to look at their ugly mugs and we either can't see y'all or the graphics fully but have to stare at a big picture of some fan or another. Please don't always show them. It ruins it for me. Really looks unprofessional because it is just too large.

  6. go _dawgs says:

    Great show. Love when yall have Matt Godwin on for questions. GO DAWGS!!!

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