Getting very MAO at my favourite bar in Pattaya!

BFB shows you his favourite bar in Pattaya. Jungle bar in Treetown. Getting very Mao with Dani, Smiley, Mark (Khun Golf), Pat, Paul (Haway the Heed) and the HDG. #pattaya #thailand2023 #treetown

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35 Replies to “Getting very MAO at my favourite bar in Pattaya!”

  1. Joe says:

    Hello, good to see you back in Pattaya. I look forward to the videos.

  2. walterwlim says:

    Are you still using Mr T Taxi to/from BKK ?

  3. M Dubb says:

    Thanks for pointing out one of the easiest to find landmarks on Soi Buakhao, the McDonald's. Dave Strachan's bicyle rides always leave me pretty confused. Great opening title btw.

  4. rehtas fort says:

    Nothing to watch in this vides only to hear a man shouting.

  5. Rickstar says:

    Brillliant vlog Besty thank you 🔥❤

  6. Besty had enough pussy (bar) ……. Now in the jungle !

  7. I would definitely support a former bargirl’s business. Good on you guys.

  8. Yoz Travels says:

    Liver infection 😂 . I wonder what caused that !

  9. Not great being unwell in Thailand but I'd rather be there than in the cold UK.😉 Smiley ..queen of the jungle , of course, makes things seem much better!
    Jungle bar added to my ever growing list!…cheers Tom! thanks for sharing👍

  10. Chris says:

    You guys litterally look like brother and sister or father daughter

  11. icekangz817 says:

    Lol nice Besty, I would actually like playing that drinking game.

  12. chris hayes says:

    Thanks for the video but honestly…what is so fantastic about this bar??? Just a beer bar…anyway, we are all different with different taste…. Chris, a longtime visitor in Pattaya since 1996 😃👍.

  13. I will visit there in November when I am in pattaya

  14. 3aint3 says:

    Great video! Smiley lives up to her name, how radiant!

  15. So why is she called Smiley?

  16. I drink in the BuzzInn bar when in tree town

  17. wow, who could resist that beautiful Thai smile😄😄😄 i reckon HDG had Thaimonella!! 555

  18. Jay Cutts says:

    Dani was punching when going out with Mew Mew

  19. Hanoi 75 says:

    To avoid picking up a bug stay away from crowded indoor bars and gogos.

  20. Night Walker says:

    No gambling in thailand😂…you're so cute!

  21. Anthony Hill says:

    Was there in January this year. Going back in late September. Can't wait

  22. mikeymuscles says:

    😂 great memories getting mao with BFB!

  23. Hfc65 says:

    Nice one BFB. It's rather hot in Thailand now I think you'll agree.

  24. 'What is the best thing about this bar? Apart from you?' How smooth talking is that! Love it.

  25. Besty, do you mix the Havana 7 or is too good for that?

  26. richie behl says:

    Could you please make something about Thailand's current weather and let me know if this is a good month to come there.

  27. Nice Tom ,come to Pattaya the 19/5 to 22/5 see you

  28. David B says:

    No gambling in thailand….lol 😅

  29. martin ryder says:

    Everyone has got a nickname. So how did Pat the rat get his name ?

  30. PREPFORIT says:

    There are so many places I think I walked past that bar but NOW I know to stop there for a few or many 👍
    Thanks, BFB!

  31. Jp Dkd says:

    Cool video man..when you heading back out bfb cheers

  32. power2084 says:

    Just improved my Thai by learning 1 new word… mao ! 😂

  33. power2084 says:

    Very nice video ! 😊

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