Crazy 2v2 Match With Fat Perez!

Had Another insane match with Fat perez and the boys in Bally Hack, Your not going to want to miss this!

Cameron –
Fat perez –
Silly not online right now!

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If you come to Virginia make sure to come check out Bally Hack!! My favorite Course there.

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11 Replies to “Crazy 2v2 Match With Fat Perez!”

  1. Felt forced and faked after he threw one in with his hand.

  2. Go fat🎉🎉😂 P rez for Prezzz

  3. nupelife007 says:

    Great show. Fun to watch.

  4. Kelly Hart says:

    Keep at it! technical difficulties aside, this group has a lot of chemistry and I love the movie quotes "From now on that's how you chip!" Great video, and always good to see FP popping up on other channels. OH I almost forgot to mentions, there's some good golf in here too, but I watch for the comedy 🙂

  5. CAxALLDAY says:

    duffle and fp the most opposite bodies hahah

  6. Yall had a blast man!!! Great video!!

  7. Parag Shah says:

    Is there a better celebration in golf than FP's eurostep after making a putt? I think not!

  8. Dynamic group fellas

  9. JuHefneR says:

    I know this had to be a good time. After that eagle it’s a sign to get a green camera and some tracers going!

  10. grneal26 says:

    all you had to say was Fat Perez and I am in!! I just wish he would restock his ball markers on his site.

  11. Blake DeLong says:

    Ain't no better featured guest

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