Go From Amateur To Pro Level Ball Striking In Just 5 minutes (TILT IT)

Follow this drill and you will hit the golf ball SO MUCH BETTER! Every golfer wants to hit those shots that you don’t even feel of the clubface! But we spend half our time hanging back hitting fat golf shots, thin golf shots and never ever get that ball then turf strike with your short, medium and long irons! When you do this in the golf swing you make the golf ball ball power of the club face & it works overnight!

I almost didn’t share this golf tip with you because it’s so good. it’s pone of those rare tips that create that bingo moment in your golf swing! Go From Amateur To Pro Level Ball Striking In Just 5 minutes (TILT IT)

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37 Replies to “Go From Amateur To Pro Level Ball Striking In Just 5 minutes (TILT IT)”

  1. HUGE video this evening! Just tilt that right foot in to start that downswing. I used this last week to great affect!! Thank you for all the birthday messages

  2. Ricky Miller says:

    I have a problem with follow-through. Can you give me any suggestions?

  3. Mike Rodrick says:

    Earlier today I saw a video of this by Moe Norman but he was stressing keeping the forward leg flexed longer rather than straightening it too early. Also, with all due respect, every player on tour, possibly with the exception of Mickelson, finishes on their toe so why the change? I'm definitely going to try this to see if there's a real difference.

  4. Eva Cox says:

    One word – fantastic!

  5. Brian Price says:

    I combined this video with another and went to the range this afternoon to work on my irons. I smashed pure, crisp irons shot after shot! I am hoping after that practice session to break 80, as i have been edging it for the last several rounds.

    Another awesome video Alex!

  6. Pat Laporte says:

    This will help me big time. Many thanks amd s belated Happy birthday from ottawa Canada.

  7. Rick Turpin says:

    That's helpful. I get stuck

  8. Gwilb3rd says:

    Every time i do that i chunk it? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. Scotimus58 says:

    best advice tip pertaining to me ever. This move allows me to clear my left hip through impact and hit down on ball. thanks man! Now to figure out the extra yardage!!😅

  10. Nathan Brown says:

    Will be trying this tomorrow praying it’s what I’ve needed the last few weeks, been hitting so many fat shots it’s untrue!!!

  11. Brian Starr says:

    Such a simple and easy concept to try and follow. Well done Alex, a great tip.

  12. Ron Macklin says:

    Wow that is amazing for ball striking. I never saw anybody demonstrate that before, that makes perfect sense on hitting the ball first then the ground! Thanks Alex so much, that will help a lot!!👍

  13. Great tip, need to try it out this weekend !! Thank you sir.

  14. Anthony Core says:

    Happy birthday Alex.. keep the quality content coming love it 👍 hoping to get booked in for a lesson with you next month.

  15. brodygoalie says:

    Should a draw start at 12 o'clock or more right at 1oclock? Thanks

  16. brodygoalie says:

    I have been setting up to the ball like I am at the end of impact. That is forcing me to have that right knee in . Not flared at all at set up. Is this okay or stop this? Thanks

  17. brodygoalie says:

    At Impact club face is at 12 o'clock? Here so much about extending to 1 o'clock at impact?? Please advise and explain. Thanks

  18. Jeff B says:

    Thank you, Alex, for your videos. I'm 62 and hitting the ball better and more consistent now than my whole life thanks to your lessons. My golf simulator also helps.

  19. Nice job, Alex. Another great lesson. IDEA!: You should do an experiment. Hit 5 shots where you finish while leaning back on your trail leg and then 5 shots where you finish on your lead leg. It would be interesting to see how many yards we give away when we finish with our weight on the wrong leg.

  20. NEIL MARTIN says:

    Tomorrow at the practice fairway its on,,,only new to your channel but your tips are working,cheers mate

  21. dominic borg says:

    Loving the tips from down under 👍

  22. Mike Moon says:

    Put a golf ball under the outer part of your back foot to help promote this.

  23. Jimbouk says:

    Great video again, just a thought but could i incorporate the previous " Push the toe down " into this drill to give a practice drill /pre-shot thought

  24. Stanley13 says:

    Throwing the right knee at the target

  25. Big fan Alex…So usually try to initiate swing with a downward pressure on lead leg…works great with driver…but still struggle with iron consistency..so you're saying initiate swing with this kick instead??

  26. Ken Brown says:

    almost snuck out of work to the course, today. turned out well I didn't, because I got a last minute crisis to deal with, but maybe tomorrow.

  27. Jack Masters says:

    Great video Alex! Having a good right knee looks pretty critical to this drill and any swing in general. Help an old athlete out please. Right knee isn’t what it used to be. 60 now. Love/hate golf. Please don’t say get it 100% bc that’s never going to happen. Plenty of older golfers would love to see your answer. I already club up. Getting old isn’t for sissies 😂😂. Thanks Alex ⛳️❤️⛳️

  28. Alan Miller says:

    Alex! After watching your last video “Push the toe down”, I’m a 8.7 handicap, and every Monday I play in my Sr. League. I’m 67 years old and struggle to break 80. After watching your video today I shot 70 for the first time and I think it’s my lowest score of me life. Had a couple chances to break 70 but that will come. Thanks so much for your nightly videos. Bringing the club back like you say in your video instead of flailing it back makes ball go so straight! Can’t wait to go out and try your “Tilt In” technique. Cheers buddy!!

  29. Len S says:

    Jack Nicholas said he wanted the feeling of getting his right ankle dirty

  30. Ken Lynch says:


  31. Would love to get this right. Good way to get it done right. Thanks

  32. HBD Alex! Finally got the explanation of the right foot after all of the years I've been watching the pros hit on TV cos most of them would have their back foot turned exactly what you're talking about here. I noticed also that if I can do this move, then my right shoulder would not go outside so easily. Will definitely work on this drill to get better from now on. Thanks so much for your wonderful tips! 👍 👍

  33. Alan Goudie says:

    Thank you for another helpful & clearly explained tip.
    I will give it a try tomorrow.
    I use 5, 6 & 8 hybrids rather than irons.
    The rolling of the rear foot seems safer to do rather than moving onto your right toes straight away.
    It should stop a turning error.
    I noticed you often finished up on your right toes.

  34. Hi there Alex, do you have a Telegram account?

  35. Carpenters says:

    Not wanting to change my game at this moment, but i definatley hang back and sway. I play off my back foot and catch the ball pretty crisp without a divot. 9 iron 150 and 5 iron 200. All my shots seem high. Beginining of the season i was a 7 iron for 150.

  36. JON DALY says:

    Hi Mate. How would this work with the driver as you also mentioned this in the video. Isn’t the low point before the ball then?

  37. Lesley Lomax says:

    Fabulous as always, thank you 🙏

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