Golf Bag of a Single Handicap Golfer with Titleist, Mizuno, PXG, Wilson and Odyssey

In this video, I present my golf bag as of now. I play clubs from Titleist, Mizuno, PXG, Wilson and Odyssey, so you can see there is a wide mix of manufacturers. For every club I give my thoughts, my average distances from Shot Scope and current eBay prices, in case you are in teh hunt for some used golf equipment.

For more golf content, such as golf vlogs and used equipment reviews, check out my channel, Millennial Golfer 🙂

About the Millennial Golfer:

I am Seb, and I enjoy golf. As a teenager, I used to be a decent single handicap golfer. Then life happened, and I quit playing golf for almost 20 years. Recently, I rediscovered the game thanks to YouTube and decided to share my journey with you.

Come along on my authentic journey of trying out second-hand equipment and improving in the game!

00:00 WITB 2023
00:22 My Titleist Driver
00:53 Will I replace my 3 Wood?
01:55 My favorite club: PXG 5 Wood
02:48 Kick out the Ego, put in a 7 Wood
03:50 I am A Scotty Cameron fanboy, but I play am Odyssey!
05:22 Mizuno Combo set for my irons
07:12 4 Different Vokey Wedges

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