Justice Samuel Alito Hits Back At Democrats, Says Congress Cannot Regulate Supreme Court

Justice Samuel Alito Hits Back At Democrats, Says Congress Cannot Regulate Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito responded to Democrats’ legislation aimed at regulating the court, asserting that Congress lacks the authority to do so. The proposed Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act (SCERT) of 2023 seeks to establish an ethics code, require recusals, and mandate disclosures. Justice Alito defended himself against political attacks in an interview, challenging the notion of congressional oversight and emphasizing the court’s constitutional basis. The legislation’s fate is uncertain due to Republican opposition.

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8 Replies to “Justice Samuel Alito Hits Back At Democrats, Says Congress Cannot Regulate Supreme Court”

  1. G Thompson says:

    This is fluff feelgood legislation to pander to the left wing base. Only a Constitutional change can create all these dumb rules. They need supermajorities in both houses and then 3/4ths of the state legislators as well to change the Constitution. LOL not happening

  2. Nelson Price says:

    I pray that doesn't pass

  3. TimDDog says:

    Who in the senate has nerve to talk about ethics? They are the most corrupt!

  4. The three branches of the government are "Co-equal". The court has decided it is superior to the other two.

  5. Sherman D says:

    The Senate just failed to pass individual stock trading restrictions. This was a total failure of ethics. Clean your own house first!

  6. Gary Sanders says:

    Democrats are driven nuts that they don't have power over everything!

  7. ROY G BIV says:

    Everything needs regulating, especially the supreme court…term limits!

  8. So you are above the law you POS

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