Golf Clash tips, Tour 8 – Prepare yourself for Asia Pacific tournament GUIDE/TUTORIAL

15 Replies to “Golf Clash tips, Tour 8 – Prepare yourself for Asia Pacific tournament GUIDE/TUTORIAL”

  1. Next time…
    Describe more of the course layouts..

  2. My trophy count is around 1300.. I have very few high end clubs, and the ones I do have, they aren't at a level where they are great yet. No hammerhead, No Thor or better, no Cataclysm..  Which level of tourney would you suggest I enter?  Thanks!

  3. J Row says:

    Very informative

  4. Thanks for the constant advice and tips, one more thing how the $#=% did you get so many coins and gems?

  5. Jon S says:

    Really tough game takes a lot of patience

  6. Awsome playing see you on the course, when I can afford to play high stakes …

  7. Nice Tommy, thanks for all you do!

  8. nick artois says:

    this is just what I need, I'm in such a losing streak at the moment. iit all started when attempting to try your 6, maxxed all previous tours, now I can't even get off tour 3.
    I best watch your others now, didn't even know someone was kind enough to make these. cheers

  9. Amazing videos Tommy help me out with t6 as I was really struggling to get a win and after watching t6 vids I finally maxed it out thanks Tommy

  10. This really helped my games

  11. Tony Dimarco says:

    These help a lot thanks

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