The Habs Are $1.9M Over The Salary Cap?! | The Sick Podcast with Tony Marinaro August 3 2023

25 Replies to “The Habs Are $1.9M Over The Salary Cap?! | The Sick Podcast with Tony Marinaro August 3 2023”

  1. Austin Matthews is big and a great
    scorer but not a great hockey player. Other than his shooting he's really doesn't do that much and that's why the leafs suck in the playoffs.

  2. Doppps says:

    Great guest, we’ll prepared, and, encouraging habs talk for the summer of 2024!

  3. Marie T-L says:

    they won't add big names, it's too quick. They'll have to pay dach again in 3 years, slaf in 2 years, guhle, hutson, reinbacher + the player they'll draft top 10 in 2024 in the next 4 years. The money will go there.

  4. MTLGSE says:

    Dumb title. Be better.

  5. Center Hice says:

    Great show Tony! Sickkkk!!!!

  6. John Turgeon says:

    Hoffman and Armia to Laval, and hope they get claimed.

  7. Stephane L says:

    WHAT are you talking about ? Habs have cap of $87,784,166 LITR (Price) $10,500,000 CAP SPACE $6,215,834

  8. AG says:

    You can play Hoffman with Gretzky and teams opinion of him won't change. Instead of drafting 10 goalies, maybe the Habs should have paid someone to take his contract.

  9. AG says:

    Habs should trade Armia for Mantha. Caps get a more useful player at a lower hit for 2 seasons. Habs get a project who they can flip or just let go.

  10. AG says:

    Just go to Cap Friendly. With LTIR the Habs have 4 million to spend.

  11. michael B says:

    Absolutely no thanks on Nylander. Don’t want that money tied up with that guy

  12. michael B says:

    Tony please don’t sing

  13. michael B says:

    First time trying to listen to Tony M since 690. He’s still a bit of an idiot

  14. Thrawn says:

    And with Price on LTIR Habs will be 8.6 million under tne cap. Big deal!

  15. Randy Lavoy says:

    Put Hoff on waivers…then… stick him in LAVAL …and leave him there until he quits !!! Hughes offered him to 31 teams for FREE .!! NO TAKERS..!!!

  16. Justin Locke says:

    I don’t think Kovac will be back. Way to many kids on D ready to take over in 2 years.

  17. john lavers says:

    i agree that they will keep kovacevic and montambeault. those guys have a long term role, unless they get thrown in on a major trade, but it better be a major trade like for haleybuck

  18. galkanftw says:

    Describing Hoffman he just described the entire team lol but again it seems Hoffman has always been the guy to pick on the nickleback of the team.Cole and Nick are BOTH a minus player the entire forward group aside from Pinard are all a minus.
    Debrincat is a HUGE liability yet people still talk about him like he is valuable I think it's obvious people pick their spots based on favortism.
    I do like this guy he definitely seems to understand hockey and value of players.
    I think Tony forgets Hoffman is way past him prime he is no longer valuable to anyone.The only reason MTL can use him is because their team is so bad full of third line players.

  19. Steve Easter says:

    Kind of a click bait title… we all know MTL is over the cap because of Prices contract.

  20. give up on mike hoffman tony , you won't get much better then a third round pick for mike hoffman . it not worth playing him 16 + minute for that .

    asset is one thing , but when was last time canadien that they took 3 asset to trade up for a better quality player ? newhook don't count because kH took top draft pick and i don't thing hoffman can get us that kind of pick

  21. yee says:

    the book is out on Hoffman…there's no way to increase his value. he's a scorer on the pp. everyone knows that

  22. mr. nihilz says:

    Tough for me to agree with Tony. But this Cloutier guy is a great example of garbage Montreal media.

  23. Thanks, Tony 1.9 isn't as bad as it could be

  24. I am 1,90$ under bank balance

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