Golf Clubs as Body Armor?

Are golf clubs bulletproof? Would it make good body armor. In this video we shoot a golf club with 9mm, 5.56mm, and .30-06. Will they go through?

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25 Replies to “Golf Clubs as Body Armor?”

  1. mark Abbott says:

    When you absolutely, positively want something really dead use a .30-06.

  2. Manggoni M says:

    What is the brand of the pistol? I like it’s accuracy.

  3. I’m not that skinny

  4. Fooney says:

    Finally something to do with old golf clubs. I swear those things are like herpes.

  5. But can it stop god's caliber 45 acp

  6. Cookie says:

    The reason this works is because its not steady, all the energy is transferred off into the backstop and richocheted at an angle. At 90* on a static subject that would go straight through the steel

  7. Levi Malburg says:

    And that’s why I take my BAR everywhere I go bc it doesn’t matter how much armor you got it still be goin through

  8. Mc007Queen says:

    Got tired of paper targets and metal targets , don't like golfing

  9. Stat-Track says:

    Вау классный ствол

  10. Shrek Christ says:

    Bro why a golf club those things are expensive!!😭

  11. 30-06 will stop a bear yes sir

  12. Wow- who needs kevlar. Just line your suit with old blade iron heads.

  13. Sebeezas says:

    So i get to live my RL jedi fantasies with a golf club!

  14. watrewks says:

    Wow. Totally unexpected.

  15. Aday Viña says:

    Esto es lo mas yanki que vere hoy,dije hoy claramente

  16. Nolvit 193 says:

    I hope the next if states were guns Georgia first because we have alot of ars and shotguns down here

  17. SmokingDart says:

    Didn’t expect that thing to hold up on the 5.56

  18. Amogus says:

    When is coming part 8 of: if states were guns

  19. LookinSharp says:

    Sweet! So I wasn’t fully wrong. Now I just need to level up my traders to buy a level 3 armor. What should it be named?

  20. When did people start shooting ARs with their thumb on top of the barrel?? 😅

  21. Inasus says:

    Do shovel next lol

  22. GunzOfNY says:

    Good for most regular ammo. I'd wear it.

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