I’m Switching Golf Clubs Again…?


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I’m excited for new content and new ideas!! I plan to play in a lot more tournaments including multiple day events.


42 Replies to “I’m Switching Golf Clubs Again…?”

  1. I’m an excavator operator at work and I’m obsessed with golf, complete opposites. Wanna swap?😂

  2. Serious question, I know one of your misses is the over draw. I know a lot of these more game improvement clubs are harder to shape due to their perimeter weighting so if this can calm down your over draw then maybe this is really something to consider?

  3. Good video Micah, maybe you could do some kind of a combo set with those irons and a set of blades with adjusted lofts for gapping.

  4. Mat M says:

    If you are able to centre blades you will get more consistent yardage and spin, especially on short and mid irons. That means more birdies. But ur giving back on the long irons for sure unless world class. Nearly everyone should be blending unless u take more birdies than bogies from ur long irons u have some forgiveness

  5. Andy Green says:

    Tig, in the UK we call excavators 'diggers' and as a baby that was my first word. Weird huh!. Love your content dude, hope you get over this side again soon.

  6. You might want to consider the P770s and P790s for longer distances. There is value in blades but even a lot of tour pros are starting to get away from them. You can work them more but the penalty for a mistake is so much higher than a lot of the benefits of hitting them.

  7. Donovan Dunn says:

    Well if you don't wanna bag them…#sendthemtome

  8. Fraz Simpson says:

    A approach wedge😂

  9. Can you send them to me then?!? 😂😂

  10. Since you're not going to use them maybe you could do a give away? Love the content. Keep up the good work Micah!

  11. Sam Wilson says:

    I know I'm late on this Micah but you absolutely need to put those irons in your bag they sound so pure when you hit it with the ball but it's your decision and keep up the great work brother

  12. You should rather work on your swing instead of looking for your game in clubs. Sad for the climate how much you consume

  13. Tommy Eden says:

    Yeah, who wants to hit a club that is far easier to hit and control. Personally, I gave up my ego today and switched to these after 5 years of playing Mizuno blades. They are the best looking non blades I have seen personally and after 2 hours of testing I couldn't find a bad result. I thought the 770's were great too, but these had a tighter dispersion for me.

  14. Domino says:

    Pretty sure this video is basically marketing the irons but they are very pure hoping to get a set second hand someday

  15. YOYOTh1s says:

    Would these "game improvement clubs" have more flexible shafts too?

  16. RM says:

    angle wedge looked good

  17. Dah Dah says:

    Guy plays bad with the clubs in one tournament and wants to switch,, it ain’t the clubs my man

  18. WizardofRaw says:

    You need a putter that makes putts, not new clubs.

  19. CornishMaid says:

    Micah, so many tour pros are now using cavity back clubs, as it makes the game easier for them, so why wouldn’t you. Ego is the biggest personal issue a lot of golfers have, if you can overcome it and use clubs that really enhance your game, then use them, you were as good as I’ve seen in a long while. Good luck with your tournament.

  20. Mr. Prime says:

    I wanted to buy these clubs a few weeks ago but since u got them for free I’ll take them off ur hands for you 😉

  21. Ethan Ng says:

    170 9 iron is absurd

  22. Terry Lee says:

    Had I known you were coming up to Banff, Alberta, I may have a trackhoe with your name on it….just sayyyyyiiing. And you could have run it….

  23. Zayne Parkey says:

    Micah, can I have them? Thought I would ask. -A long time fan 😄

  24. Scott Smith says:

    Tig….buddy, you gots to get rid of the bad shots and work on your putting. You have what it takes, now get to work!

  25. yes!!! he should try them on the tournament!

  26. Jacob says:

    Micah is not good enough for blades like Grant is. He should be using p790’s or 770’s at MOST. His ball-striking is very inconsistent.

  27. Tyga Woods says:

    Have you tried drinking while golfing? Helps me

  28. Chad Cook says:

    Bruh. You gotta get real with yourself. Why change clubs when that’s not what’s wrong. Go back to having fun

  29. what are his irons now?

  30. this feels like a taylormade ad for their new irons and hes actually not gonna play those irons going foward

  31. Todd C says:

    It’s not the clubs fault you couldn’t hit a fairway to save your life while playing that pro tournament.

  32. You need to stop competing. You’re not good enough yet! Not even close. 2 maybe 3 more years

  33. vorhese93 says:

    Are the lofts on these 790s adjusted or standard?

  34. J Haap says:

    You should do a pickle ball tournament video

  35. Adam Landis says:

    I like the Zevia drink choice!

  36. Dave Davis says:

    !! msinairatnemhsilbastesiditnA.

  37. Clickbait title after clickbait title… are you just going to do this every video? So fake.

  38. Jeff S says:

    Can you break 80 w any set of clubs?

  39. bro switches his clubs every week

  40. Evan Gilder says:

    Tig you trying to get shed of the irons and new stealth? I’d gladly take them off your hands ha

  41. I’m sure you can hit any club well. Pro golfers putt like magicians. You figure that out and you’re on your for sure.

  42. John Adams says:

    Big fan Micah, respect your passion and dedication, but it's not the clubs..!

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