Golf is HARD. Another day on the grind #golf #golfswing #scratchtoscratch

15 Replies to “Golf is HARD. Another day on the grind #golf #golfswing #scratchtoscratch”

  1. Need the keep that trail heel down longer. It will leave you more room so you can get more on the inside path.

  2. Zack Arnaud says:

    do a couple slow practice swings in between each ball.

  3. knowerzark says:

    Do you really practice like this? Take your hands off the club between shots. Give them a break. You don’t play a round like that… keeping your grip in the club as you walk after the ball. You have to be able to relax and reset between shots, right? But you’ve come a long way…assuming you weren’t foxing at the start that is…?!

  4. Looking good bro. Maybe work on your follow through and you will scratch baby!

  5. LJaytree says:

    Looks good just taking the club too inside on the first part of the backswing

  6. pc64 says:

    Doing great – the one thing that sticks out for me as a teacher is that you turn your hands at takeaway. Just for fun try to take the club back without your glove logo turning up to the sky. If you can move the takeaway only with the left shoulderI think you’ll find more consistency quickly. Keep it up!!

  7. Is that at balboa?

  8. Ryan Golf says:

    You already look like you’ve been playing for a couple years

  9. why dont u show these vidoes

  10. NFiltr8Red says:

    Keep it simple, Saguto Golfer is the best instructor online. “Golfing for Dummies”, I started a year ago and I’m pretty close to Scratch.

  11. Your set up and swing plane are looking goooood. Keep it up, brother!

  12. 92SAITO92 says:

    Looking good man! If you're hitting off of mats I would recommend using a towel to tell if you're chunking it or not.

    Get a golf towel and place it about 3 inches behind the golf ball. If you hit the towel you would have chunked it on the course. I do this anytime I'm hitting off of a mat so I don't groove a bad swing.

  13. Tagcoins says:

    Getting better and better bro. Keep it up

  14. Bryan Flores says:

    Is that balboa park golf range?

  15. G P says:

    Spend 75% or more of your practice time on your "inside 100" game… make the bulk of that time chipping and putting.

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