Phil Was Thoroughly Prepared For This Moment… #golf

50 Replies to “Phil Was Thoroughly Prepared For This Moment… #golf”

  1. Who should I challenge next?

  2. Phil is a wonderful degen.

  3. Makes sense why his booky says he bet 1b over the years

  4. Albany Fx says:

    Don’t forget he slided in 6 under is for double… he’s done this many times

  5. JJJ says:

    Phil the gambler, getting set to lose another billion dollars…

  6. Ron Hahn says:

    He has t learned! Lost his family’s money gambling and still going now that he had his big pay day with LIV. Sad. He will be broke again. Huge ego with a bad gambling issue and too much money in his pocket

  7. _ lngshot says:

    Does G stand for Gazillion? These guys have scrooge mcduck money.

  8. ericsmartman says:

    What does in his world for a g mean?

  9. Jordan LeMay says:

    $1,000! That’s it?! These guys have millions and they are playing for a G?! Lame

  10. CryptoConan says:

    PHIL has a gambling problem, but wfc

  11. okolekahuna says:

    This was one of my favorite vlogs. I've watched it a few times.

  12. GoBrowns98 says:

    A g and Bryson scared “perfect” tells me one thing and one thing only…. They just played for 100,000 dollars and Bryson was not prepared at all for that 😂😂

  13. Phil is a degen gambler so that makes sense lol

  14. Brad Treen says:

    Spoken like a true degenerate gambler…this was obviously not Phil's 1st rodeo! They cut the part where it doubled @ -6 or better! 😂

  15. Adam Samuel says:

    U guys make more than that per hole.. a mil a hole.. double up every hole.. straight cash it up 😂😂😂

  16. Josh L says:

    Wonder why Phil doesn’t want any money transactions documented? 🤔

  17. Tv S says:

    One G? Is that all? I thought it should at least be one Bitcoin. Cheap f*cks.

  18. Buttdreads says:

    Two Most disliked players on tour

  19. Why didn't Phil insist on being paid with 'Real Money'. With Gold & Silver.

  20. Clay Oneill says:

    My boy Phil is such a boss!

  21. LabGorilla says:

    And Phil wins. He saves his best golf for these events

  22. J C says:

    Wu-Tang x Phil: C. R. E. A. M.

  23. Eric Keenan says:

    Phil was such a Jedi in this. He was mind effin Bryson from the start, and owned him.

  24. Dude we would love to have you in the podcast if you’d be down!

  25. Porky says:

    This is a lot more entertaining than LIV TV golf.

  26. Alex Houtz says:

    Phil is sponsored by Fallen I didn't know he skates bruh?

  27. wndowpayne says:

    Bryson said on another show that a g was 100K..not 1K

  28. ESP500 says:

    Playing for fun phil. I hate playing for money

  29. Starman says:

    "What were you thinking about?" lol Phil is the man!

  30. mark Roper says:

    Calm down Phil!! It is for funzies! LMAO!! That last match may still be living in his head…just saying. This was gold!! You are going to be seeing this sh!t all day long comments made me laugh out loud!! Let's go!!

  31. Robert Rodil says:

    Freaking brilliant!!!!
    We need more content like this!!!

  32. Gro Pro says:

    What were you thinking about? 😂

  33. G00seNcup says:

    Well when you go 40 million in gambling debt you should know all the lingo

  34. Scout T says:

    Once a gambler, always a gambler! Your wife must be so proud

  35. Paul Allen says:

    My golf group has the same rule. Straight cash.

  36. brewster102 says:

    A "G" to these guys is like playing penny ante

  37. That Billy Walters book is coming out in a coiple of weeks. Then we will see if Phil is still smiling.

  38. Rick G says:

    The players that LIV recruited for their tour are guys you’d want to hang with … never a dull moment!

  39. 9 holes for a gram…?

  40. JC B says:

    Old school….. Got to play for something and cash is king!

  41. Bryan Z says:

    “What do you mean you haven’t thought about it…what were you thinking about?” 😂

  42. Gary Bevan says:

    When golfers play 9 holes for a grand and say it on camera it makes me sick. Rich, up their own arse tossers.
    Anyone who thinks Mickelson is a legend can go do one.
    I watched this, Mickelson is probably the most boring, obnoxious person on a golf course and Deschamps is so sycophantic it's made me cringe.

  43. Bret Wells says:

    You need to challenge P.Reed. would be great banter between you two.

  44. Luke Vannoy says:

    That’s why Phil was in so much gambling debt😭

  45. Papa Squat says:

    Bryson was just thinking likes and subscribers. That's the modern cashflow. Phil is an old school rounder.

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