Golf Practice Secrets

Here’s a secret. Do you want to know the definition of practice? It’s a repetition of an action with the goal of improvement. And with repetition, it will help us perform with more ease, speed, accuracy, and confidence. Why? I am so glad you asked.

As you practice, the information travels from your brain, down the spinal cords, through the nerve fibers to your muscles. This is called your neural pathways. And guess what? Your pathway is insulated with a substance called Myelin. So what? As you continue to repeat an action over and over and over again, your myelin changes form to make the neural pathway incredibly efficient. Repetitive practice is actually changing your neurological structure, it’s increasing your muscle memory and making a complicated golf swing so much easier…to the point you won’t even have to think anymore to hit a bomb fade down the fairway. #golfshort #golfpractice #golfmindset #mentalgame #myelin


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