Golf Simulator vs Pro Golfer (UNLIMITED MULLIGANS)

On this episode of The White Sox Dave Challenge with White Sox Dave, Dave takes on playoff scratch golfer Austin in a par 3, match play, golf simulator. Dave will have unlimited mulligans to see if he can win the match.


20 Replies to “Golf Simulator vs Pro Golfer (UNLIMITED MULLIGANS)”

  1. shubuua says:

    That guys dick if clearly visible

  2. PaulCook says:

    Wsd little Scottie scheffler footwork

  3. Diego Orozco says:

    WGN Manhattan. It's already ruined this movie for me.

  4. James Lopez says:

    1:32 this dudes got a hog!!!!

  5. Dave makes enemies and friends with all people he meets. God I love the frustrating energy he pumps out at the end when he has to concede.

  6. It wasn’t wind it was a shit ton of side spin from an open face. I know cause I do it all the time

  7. Lailer says:

    New series…Austin starts training Dave. See how long Austin’s patience last and if Dave makes improvements

  8. Pat Mcgowan says:

    Two tone black shirt 😂😂😂

  9. buddy seemed alot friendlier after the ad 😂

  10. Rk3502 says:

    This is quality Friday afternoon entertainment that got me to subscribe to this channel.

  11. If someone could explain to Dave he doesn't need to swing out of his ass every single time, just nice gentle swings making solid contact with the ball, he could probably be a decent golfer.

  12. Kyle says:

    Dave takes on playoff scratch golfer Austin? Jesus Eddie, he said he plays off scratch. His handicap isn't playoff scratch. Come on brother

  13. Ryan H says:

    is it true? Chief tried to get Carl fired?

  14. credit to Eddie and Chief for not getting tired of Dave's antics

  15. Kevin says:

    Pro is a douche

  16. Matthew Tino says:

    Love how Eddie thought “playoff scratch” was a thing

  17. give me a month and ill be a scratch player…… every ex athlete when they start golf lol

  18. dlolstep61 says:

    What is in this pros pants

  19. Zach says:

    Dave is too much of a try-hard to be good at golf. Tries to muscle every shot

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